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Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) Sociology
Category: Social sciences and social care

9 January 2018

I’m currently a Residential Assistant (RA) living and working in the Swinhoe Halls on ARU's Cambridge campus, supporting students and gaining work experience.

The best thing about the accommodation is that it’s on campus, making access to all ARU facilities much easier, eg 24-hour access to the ARU library.

I really enjoy working as an RA. One great benefit of being an RA is the fact that the role is primarily an on-call job with some set tasks, eg patrols of shared areas in halls. Because it is an on-call role you can study whilst on shift if you choose to do so.

Primarily the role involves working out of hours, being mindful towards the health and safety of the student residents living in halls and houses. A large part of an RA's training is being able to signpost students who may require extra and or varied types of support, such as Student Services.

If I was to give a tip to new students moving in to halls it would be bring your own mattress protector. Be careful not to bring kettles and toasters: your new friends in houses/halls may also have purchased these items, meaning you could end up with six of each. Alternatively after you have arrived at your new accommodation go shopping together with your new-found friends and fellow housemates for these types of items.


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