Support systems

Amy Kyle

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Course: BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
Category: Allied and public health

30 July 2015

Sometimes, things happen. Things you’d never imagine you’d see in your life. This particular shift was one of those. As a student paramedic on the road, you are exposed to so many new and unfamiliar situations and it can be scary. It can put you in situations you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Sometimes, jobs are like that. For whatever reason, mechanism, age, gender, situation. It catches you out and hits you deep. This is when you discover how strong your support system is. I am very lucky, everyone I know supports my decision to train as a paramedic 100% and are always there when I need a shoulder, I have my family and friends that rally around and encourage me to keep going. I also now have 3 student paramedic housemates who regularly see similar presentations, who all understand the job and know just how difficult times can be. They continue to support me just as I will support them if/when the time comes.

Our lecturers are both registered paramedics, with a wealth of experience and the love of teaching the new generation of paramedics. Our lecturers are there 24/7, if you need them to talk to, to go through things or just even to clear your head about a job. They are there. They don’t do that because they have to, they do it because they understand the situations. They’ve been there. They want us to succeed.

I know that as a new cohort of Student Paramedics join us in September, we will be their support system. We will have been there and understand the fears and anxieties of being a first year student out on the road. We will be there to answer their questions and listen to them.


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