Determining my future

Amira Sultana

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc Business Management
Category: Business

6 January 2015

It’s nearly the end of Semester 1 and what a term it has been so far.

Firstly there was the avalanche of essays, however after hours of procrastination and about 10,000 Facebook status updates I manage to complete them all, and didn’t do too badly. I have even braved the library and found an odd comfort in the book smell and hushed voices.

I would say that ARU has given me the opportunities and facilities to help my transition into who I want to become. A big thing to take advantage of at university is definitely the societies, they are a great way to make new friends and learn skills. My society of choice has to include enterprise activities, for example in the start of term I joined the Young Enterprise programme and cannot wait to start my own small business. University societies are great fun and I met some special people, who will even give a girl with sore feet a piggy-back ride to the train station.

My course at ARU has allowed me to create a network from speaking to successful entrepreneurs and business people, as well as meeting lots of new people from all years and backgrounds. I was able to develop friendships with students who share the same wants and ambitions as I do, while also attending various social events. Furthermore, during my course, I have significantly improved my self-confidence and oral communication through presenting my business ideas to my class.

I had an amazing Semester 1. It feels as though I have come a long way since starting university in September and I am excited to see what the following years will bring. I can only wish you the same. A very warm welcome to ARU and I look forward to sharing my experiences of university life with you. University is hard, but you’ll love it; it’s an education and beyond. If you do it well, university is so much more than a degree, it is a life lesson. It can be everything you need to determine your future.


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