Ambient and Assisted Joint Programme challenge announced

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13 December 2013

The Ambient and Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme has announced the challenge for the 2014 call for proposals.

The 2014 call will support the development of ICT-based solutions to enable and support sustainable care systems for older adults, i.e. systems that are economically and socially viable for the future and do not result in unfair or disproportionate impacts on any significant contributory element of the healthcare system.

The call is expected to be launched at the end of March 2014, with a deadline at the end of June 2014. The full pre-announcement can be accessed via the link below.

The launch of the call is subject to final adoption of the legal base for the AAL Programme by the Council of the EU and the European Parliament, as well as the conclusion of agreements between the AAL Association, participating Member States and the European Commission envisaged for March 2014.

See the AAL website for further information.


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