Tablet vs laptop – which should I buy?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) English Literature
Category: Student Ambassador

12 January 2018

Starting university can be a time of anxiety, and deciding what technology you should buy to aid your studies can be one of those worries. With multiple lectures every week, and assignments to complete, it’s important that you get the right tablet or laptop for you.

Should I get a decent laptop?

Laptops are definitely more practical when it comes to completing assignments. With the ability to have two applications open at once, you can have lecture slides open while you take notes on a word processor, or a web page open as you write your essay – the options are endless.

With a full size screen it’s also easier to read from, whether it’s an essay you’re working on, or an online journal you’re studying. With a larger screen comes a larger keyboard, which can be easier to type with, making completing your assignments quicker and hassle free.

Laptops also typically come with a decent sized memory, which is ideal if you like to save all your lecture notes and online materials. You’ll never have to worry about storing too much.

The only downside with purchasing a good laptop is that they can be quite bulky. Unless you have the money to spend on a more streamline PC, carrying a laptop into uni can cause some serious arm ache.

Is a tablet really worth it?

To combat the problem of a bulky laptop, there is the option of purchasing a tablet. They are much lighter and smaller, and are way more convenient to carry around than a bulky laptop.

You can purchase keyboard attachments for your tablet to make it resemble a laptop, giving you the ability to type up notes or write assignments with ease, and are quite affordable if you look in the right places.

The drawback with tablets however, is that they don’t normally have as much memory as a laptop. This can be resolved by purchasing a separate hard drive or memory stick, but these can get expensive and add additional cost to the product. There also isn’t the same accessibility as with a laptop.

I personally have a laptop which I keep at home specifically for writing up essays and completing other assignments and research, as well as for entertainment purposes such as watching TV. I also have a fairly cheap tablet which I use for the sole purpose of taking in to uni, so I can do some work during breaks between lectures, or so I can view online materials for a seminar rather than printing.

I would definitely recommend you get a decent laptop for doing your assignments with. But if you’re concerned about taking it into uni with you because of its size, it might be worth considering an affordable tablet to take into uni.



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