All I want for Christmas is a 1:45

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5 January 2018

A snowy landscape with trees and blue sky

Training in the winter months is always tricky, due to the freezing cold temperatures and the lack of motivation to go out and run in the cold. But thinking back to my hip injury last year forces me out the door.

So far, I’ve managed to run seven miles in a respectable time of 57 minutes, running three times a week on top of netball and football training.

My training at the moment consists of running for as long as I feel possible in order to get the mileage up and have even put in a couple of hill training sessions too in order to build up the strength in my legs. I average at five reps of 0.6 miles of hill training, with about half of this being uphill (a figure-of-eight loop which goes up and around a steep hill in Cambourne is popular with runners). The last rep is always the hardest, but I try and sprint the last 200m to get the most out of the session.

I’m a sucker for the snow – I love it. But this year was my first year for actually getting out there and running in it! It was absolutely freezing and I hated every moment of it – the icy air being breathed in and paining my lungs, the numbness of my legs (I only run in shorts!) and the slippery surfaces. I guess the views made up for it, but I’d rather have been having snowball fights or sitting at home in my pyjamas with hot chocolate!

A few days before Christmas, I was struck down with a chesty cough and cold (typical!), so instead of making my health worse by training outside, I took more time off training (netball and football training aren’t on in the holidays anyway) and focused on building my muscular strength by weight training at home and improving my flexibility by doing a bit of yoga – any training is better than no training! It snowed yet again during this time and I was actually glad I had an actual excuse to not go out in it.

As of 8 January, I will start an eight-week training plan which will help towards building up my mileage further and then back down when it comes to tapering. I will also add a day of weight training to improve my muscular endurance. 1:45 is looking more and more realistic with each day of training!

By Harmony Hennessy


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