Introduction to the Education Studies course

Alice Siegwart

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course:BA (Hons) Education Studies
Category: Education

21 August 2013

Hello, I’m Alice and I have finished my first year of Education Studies at Anglia Ruskin in Chelmsford. I was lucky enough to be able to pass through my first year of the course relatively unscathed and am able to progress into my second year!

I chose to come to Anglia Ruskin because I wanted to become a primary school teacher. I had heard from other teachers from both my college and the primary school where I did some work experience that Anglia Ruskin was a good university. It inspired me to go there above other universities because of these good reviews. It was nice to get some first-hand reviews of what the university was like before attending and it certainly gave me a good impression! So far, it hasn’t let me down.

Another benefit is that there aren’t any exams on this course, it’s 100% coursework, which is a huge bonus for me. This is because the extra time off I get at the beginning (January) and end (we finish in May) of the year allows me to gain more experience in schools to add to my CV.

The course has been interesting so far and not without its ups and downs. I have found some modules fun to learn about; others I didn’t enjoy so much. But that can be said with anything, even things that people are passionate about! Education Studies allows me to gain an insight into my own education from primary school to college, as well as how the curriculum may affect the students it aims to teach. I can look back on my own education to see how it could have been improved if certain things had been different or I had known the things I did today. It was interesting to reflect on a personal experience for an assignment and see how certain things, like cultural or economic capital, had affected it.

My aim, as I said before, was to become a primary school teacher. However, being on the course and talking with the lecturers and other students has opened my eyes to different career paths. It has allowed me to think about what other careers I may be interested in. For example, one of my friends wants to be a social worker, which is why she joined the course. I have considered going to Japan to teach English as well, though that’s more of a back-up plan in case everything else falls through. I have also considered becoming a computing (IT) teacher in a high school, though I have yet to make any substantial progress down that route. So for the moment, my career path is set at being a primary school teacher and I know this course can get me there.


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