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Aleksandra Dlugokencka

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3 June 2014

Why I wasn’t writing (I know I’m terrible…)

Photograph of Aleksandra at a hen party
You may be wondering what happened to me and why there were no posts for such a long time. The answer is quite simple: lots and lots of assignments – OK, eight exactly, but they were due every week and took all my free time. I admit, I should have been more organised! But the good news is that now I’m finished with all the assignments, yay! The only thing to do is my dissertation, due at the end of September, so HELLO SUMMER!

What was I up to?

A desk full of papers and assignment work
I have finished the above mentioned statistic and  child psychopathology-related essays and reports. Then for a few days after I woke up in the morning with this silly thought in my head, ‘What’s due next?’ or ‘What am I writing about today?. Now that thought is gone, so I feel more like a free person :D

In the last two weeks:  I went back to Poland for a few days, caught up with my friends and family, who I neglected slightly (but I’m sure you do that too). I organised and attended one fantastic hen party for my wonderful friend who’s getting married this weekend, and even managed to go to the dentist a​nd organise my wardrobe for summer!

My plans/ideas for next week

(Now that I’ve decided to make them public, I cannot go overly ambitious, but will try much harder to keep true to my word).
A cocktail in a martini glass

  • Find a recipe for some yummy cupcakes for my friend’s birthday (If you know a good vanilla cupcake recipe, please share).
  • Start working on my MSc presentation (I’m sooooo scared of talking in public, any tips guys?).
  • Clean my study room, as it’s still a mess. Who am I kidding… it looks like a bomb exploded in there!
  • Try to find some funding for the July conference abroad that my undergrad project was accepted to, any ideas?
  • Be the best bridesmaid ever at my friend’s wedding!

If there are any students out there still revising for exams: I know your pain, you’ll get through this, it’s only few days left, and you’ll be FREE! So, good luck and don’t give up.

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