Advice from someone who has been a fresher three times


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: Cambridge School of Art
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Category: Student Ambassador

12 September 2017

I can’t speak for other third years, but me and my friends have been going to Freshers' for three years and have loved each one, meeting new people and having fun on the different nights out that only happen during that week.

  • Get your tickets early.  I would definitely recommend getting the pass for all the events, as it works out cheaper to do this instead of paying for each event as they can get quite expensive if you get there later in the evening. But also this way it gives you the opportunity to go to as many events as possible and mingle with other people to make friends and find people who are either on your course or maybe you are sharing halls with.
  • Check the SU website. This will have a timetable up showing you everything that is going on during freshers'.  I would definitely keep your eye on this, as it covers not only the nights out but the days that different clubs have their open days.  I would say one thing to do is go to as many clubs and societies that you think you might like to try out, as it’s a great way of meeting people.
  • Attend Freshers' Fair. Freshers' fair is incredible and I loved going each year, being able to have a look at all the clubs and societies on offer and finding out about all the opportunities within sports, volunteering and also working for the university. The whole of freshers' was a great experience and definitely gave me more confidence for when I started uni, as I spoke to new people and put myself out there, which made it much easier to chat to people on my course than if I hadn’t done this, I feel.

And remember, Freshers' isn’t only for first years.

It's also great to go to a couple of events in refreshers, which happens just before the second semester. In your first year you're more confident by then, and will enjoy them more as you know what’s going on.



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