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19 February 2018

Benedict Dubois

My name is Benedict Dubois and alongside my university studies, I have been volunteering at Charms Therapy Centre since February 2017.

Charms is a charitable therapy centre, where patients of all ages come to have oxygenation therapy in order to help them with different sorts of long-term and short-term conditions like multiple sclerosis, strokes or bone injures. My volunteer role is to welcome the patients coming into the centre and make them feel at ease. This has allowed me to develop skills in communication and being around people from all walks of life. I have enjoyed chatting to patients and making them cups of tea.

My other role includes the running of the machine; this involves helping patients to enter the chamber and helping get the right masks fitted so it is comfortable. The times and names of all patients are recorded. All treatment is one hour long once they are pressurized. Speakers allow for safety and provide time looking in the chamber to check if they are OK. Afterwards, I tidy up and sit and chat to anyone waiting to go into treatment or with other volunteers.

Overall I have gained skills in communication and working in a friendly, open environment – not to mention insight into the different conditions treated and level of those conditions that people have.



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