A healthy kickstart to January

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1 February 2018

Harmony with a bottle of water

Coming back to normality since the Christmas period has been good for my training as it has got me into a better routine, forcing myself to be stricter with when I run due to the limited time on my hands.

Having a busy calendar means that so far, I’ve been running in the evenings, but this hasn’t been ideal, as most days I don’t get back home until 6.30pm and by that time I’m wanting my dinner!

If I don’t wait to go on a run after eating, I suffer really badly from stitches, so have to be strict with the two-hour rule (whereby I don’t run until two hours after eating a large meal), and have to be careful with what I eat beforehand. My go-to is either a couple of digestives or a banana before running, as well as consuming 500ml of water half an hour beforehand.

I’ve never been great with drinking water, and until this year, on most days would only have two cups of tea in an entire day! But since January, I’ve been drinking at least two litres of water, plus 500ml before and after my run, to make sure I’m hydrated (and of course tea).

With regards to food during the day, I don’t focus too much on what I’m eating. I make sure I refuel after training by eating lots of high-carbohydrate foods and proteins, eating as often as I can!

It was recently my birthday and I went to Jamie’s Italian; as a gift, they gave me a bottle of Prosecco and a cookbook for free, so I look forward to making some exciting, nutritious meals in the build up to the race!

My training over the past month has been going okay, with my plan bringing me up to nine miles. I don’t strictly follow the plan, but rather use it as a guide, as I believe you should run based on how you’re feeling, so long as you don’t over train. I’ve had a knee injury for a few years now, and the pain comes back every so often, but I try not to let it get in the way!

By Harmony Hennessy


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