A day in the life of an Early Childhood Studies student

Lucie Hamilton

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course: Early Childhood Studies
Category: Education

12 May 2017

Welcome to a day in the life of an Early Childhood Studies student. Here are eight photos representing a typical day for me.

6.30am: If you are a mature student like me and you have a family to look after, sometimes days on campus can start early if you have to sort childcare. But the sunrise is totally worth it!

Photo of a sunrise from a car window

9am-noon: Time to get working on our portfolios in the Practitioner module. I Love the fact that ARU isn't just essays and exams for our grades! We get lots of opportunities to get creative.

A picture of Lucie's desk in her seminar, filled with resources made by her and her classmates

This is the fantastic module tutor for Practitioner, Kay Aaronricks. She's also the course leader! Always there to help with a smile! All the staff here at ARU are super helpful and very friendly!

Kay - Lucie's tutor

12.15pm: Lunchtime! Always a great selection here at ARU - what shall I have? Stir fry looks good or shall I have Thai spiced salmon!

A picture of lasagne and other hot food in the Refectory

1pm: No lectures this afternoon so it’s time to get some study done in the library. The staff here are so helpful if ever I need anything – even if I just can’t find the right book.

A picture of Lucie's desk in the library with her computer logged on

2.45pm: Before I leave to collect my daughter, I just need to stop off to get some books.

John Smith's student store

7pm: I'm looking to do my undergraduate major project next year on SEN so I'm starting to do some research. I picked up these books today:

Garner, P., 2009. Special educational needs: The key concepts. Routledge.

Peer, L. and Reid, G. eds., 2016. Special Educational Needs: a guide for inclusive practice. Sage.

Seach, D., Lloyd, M. and Preston, M., 2002. Supporting children with autism in mainstream schools. A&C Black.

A picture of three books recommended by Lucie

A picture of Lucie's desk filled with her laptop, notebook and stationery


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