5 of the best employment opportunities that I have had during my degree


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Course: BA (Hons) Media and Communication
Category: Language, literature and media

10 May 2022

Undertaking a degree provides students with exposure to much more than their degree's content. Employment opportunities and the chance to develop confidence, especially, are something that ARU has given me that I believe are invaluable in the world today. Considering this, here are five of the best employment opportunities that I have had during my degree.

1) The 'Working In English and Media' Module

As a part of my Media and Communications course, I was presented with the chance to undertake a placement module as one of my optional classes. Through this, I got to spend over a month working with a marketing agency. If you have the option to undertake a placement I would one-hundred percent recommend it. Having the chance to gain real-world experience whilst simultaneously completing your degree is beneficial not only in terms of boosting your confidence, but also in relation to seeing what skills you already have, or which ones may need further developing.

2) Running The Ruskin Journal

Signing up to be on the committee of a society will make your CV shine. However, more importantly, it will give you and your team the chance to do whatever you set your mind to. If you want to plan and host a big event, you can. Or, in my case with The Ruskin Journal, I wanted to produce a printed book which is something that has now materialised. Besides being a big achievement, running the RJ in general has played a large part in my realisation of wishing to work with magazines in the future.

3) Careers Emails (Don't Skip Them!)

Particularly during my final year at ARU, I have received lots of insightful emails filled with details of summer internships or careers talks. These emails have led me to many great places, such as the Employability for Creatives talk, which discussed how to begin to work as a freelancer. These talks can often be accessed remotely, so why not come along? I recommend taking notes for future reference and jotting down any questions to ask the host at the end.

4) Making an ARU Temps account

I personally believe that an ARU Temps account is a great asset for anyone at ARU, regardless of whether they intend to initially use it. Through signing up to ARU Temps I have not only had the chance to make some extra money alongside studying, but I’ve also read up about so many amazing sounding opportunities and internships that otherwise I likely will not have heard about. It does not take long to sign up, so why not make an account and browse through what vacancies are currently available?

5) The opportunity to network

At university you are surrounded by an abundance of professionals specialising in your areas of interest, as well as more opportunities than you could ever imagine. Through taking on opportunities, talking to staff and unapologetically putting yourself out there you get to know more and more people who enjoy the same things as you. This can lead to being invited to further events and being presented with even more opportunities. It's an ideal atmosphere to network in. Through putting myself out there I have had the chance to become involved in numerous interesting things such as being a student reviewer for the British Film Institute and talking to a member of staff from the BBC!

At ARU, there are so many employability-enhancing ways that you can supplement the knowledge and skills provided through your degree. Whether you're more introverted and wish to just attend extra webinars or if you want to run for student leadership positions, there is something out there to suit everyone. Do your best to push yourself and remain proactive. As someone who is due to leave ARU soon, stepping out of my comfort zone is one of the things that I am most grateful to myself for having done. I feel increasingly prepared to take my next steps as a graduate and I now have the confidence to say that I am ready for whatever chapter comes next.

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