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12 May 2021

Tiffany is studying Adult Nursing at ARU in Peterborough. But what led her to choose nursing as a career? Here, Tiffany blogs about her lifelong love of 'all things hospital' and celebrates the profession she's joining. Read more…

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4 March 2021

I’ve been having a think recently about what I wish I’d known, two years ago, before I started my postgraduate training. As hindsight is such a wonderful thing, I thought I’d share all the nuggets I’ve gathered. Read more…

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11 May 2021

On this International Nurses Day 21 we are celebrating all our incredible graduate and nurse apprentices, especially after such a difficult year. The 12 May coincides with Florence Nightingale’s birthday who established the first professional nursing school… Read more…

29 April 2021

I can remember first seeing Teams early in 2019 and recognising the potential as a collaborative learning space. At that time ARU had just started on a journey to update its use of Microsoft products. The project, called ‘Better Working Together’ had collaboration at its centre… Read more…

22 April 2021

The prospect of going out on placement is incredibly exciting but can also be very nerve wracking. So, here’s a little overview of the placement application form, what you need to do to prepare for placement, and some top tips for during this time. Read more…


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