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7 August 2020

One of the most inviting aspects of studying zoology are the field trips offered. Zoologists need practical skills, field skills to support all the theory they learn during their studies. Therefore, for ARU to produce successful zoologists… Read more…

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25 September 2020

Nursing is the best career - yes I’m extremely biased, but it is! It's vital that you make time for yourself and take care of yourself, though. Here are some ways you can do that. Read more…

25 September 2020

ARU’s Computer Science course offers a variety of modules that explore networking, programming and design skills - and help you on your way to becoming a professional IT engineer. Here's my favourite so far. Read more…

25 September 2020

Summer has been long, longer than usual with COVID-19 shutting down businesses, social contact, and any plans I had. In fact I had so much more spare time on my hands I decided to get busy, and make some moves to better my career. Read more…

23 September 2020

Every new academic year brings excitement and expectations and it is always lovely to see our students, new and returning, back with us. Of course, this year things are different but still full of great things for everyone... Read more…

16 September 2020

Tiffany, who is studying Adult Nursing in Peterborough, writes about her experience as a student nurse during the pandemic and her feelings around returning to placements. Read more…

11 September 2020

We hear about the hidden job market all the time, but does it really exist? This blog looks at ways to find work from vacancies that were not advertised. Read more…


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