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22 March 2021

Tuesday 16 March 2021 was World Social Work Day - an opportunity to celebrate social work - and this year's theme was Ubuntu: I am because we are. The team at ARU made sure it was a day to remember. Read more…

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4 March 2021

I’ve been having a think recently about what I wish I’d known, two years ago, before I started my postgraduate training. As hindsight is such a wonderful thing, I thought I’d share all the nuggets I’ve gathered. Read more…

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20 November 2020

Welcome to our Peterborough campus, the baby of the bunch. If you didn’t know about our Peterborough campus, it's home to a lot of our healthcare courses at the moment - although we are opening ARU Peterborough in 2022 which will offer an even wider range of courses. Read more…

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15 hours ago

Joining uni was an exciting time and I can’t believe I’m already partway through my second semester. I’ve learnt a lot in this time that has helped me to manage my studies and still enjoy myself. So here are my tips for how I made the most of my first semester at ARU. Read more…

16 hours ago

During my first year of university I submitted a manifesto to become a Course Representative for my media class. Without thinking too much about it, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to undertake for my CV as well as to engage further within the faculty. Read more…

16 April 2021

Whilst it may be the ‘dream’ to land the job we intend straight after university, the reality is that it may not happen that way and sometimes we take a different direction. This is something that Kim Warner, Employability & Careers Adviser and ARU graduate, learned first-hand. Read more…

12 April 2021

Amidst the uncertainty of coronavirus, writing a dissertation and coming to the realisation that my undergraduate course in Medical Science was coming to an end, I had an important decision to make. What would I do after graduation? Read more…

25 March 2021

Students often shy away from working with recruitment agencies - but why? Not being ‘senior enough’ or not being sure how they work are common reasons but avoidance could mean you are missing out! By working with recruitment agencies, you can access a whole new job market. Read more…

24 March 2021

Biology was always the subject that resonated most with Emily at school, and for many years her heart was set on becoming a doctor. But would medicine be the right choice for her - or would a brand-new degree, Medical Science, prove to be the perfect fit? Read more…


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