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15 May 2019

In this photo blog, student paramedic Ben takes you through the equipment he uses in ambulances on a daily basis. Read more…

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4 April 2019

I originally applied to read Chemistry at university. I thought I wanted to work in a lab and play with chemicals every day. Little did I know that, nearly nine years later, I would be sat writing a blog about being a nurse… Read more…

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17 May 2019

No single placement is alike and this could not be truer when considering my last placement on the Orthopedic Trauma ward at Peterborough City Hospital. I had already experienced a placement on an elective Orthopedic ward so I thought that I had some idea of what I was about to encounter..… Read more…

15 May 2019

Celebrate brilliant ideas, inventions and achievements by women throughout history, from the warrior queens of antiquity, to the doyennes of the civil rights movement, and the tech pioneers of modern times. Read more…

10 May 2019

Hi I’m Anna, a second year student midwife. Reaching that milestone of the halfway mark of my degree is quite exciting but scary at the same time. The last year and a half has flown by! Thinking back to when I was about to start university seems like a while ago now… Read more…

7 May 2019

My day starts with a coffee because, let's face it, it makes the morning that little bit easier. I wait for the allocation to arrive and check which bed space I have been allocated to today. Enthusiastically, after the caffeine has entered my bloodstream, I head to the first handover… Read more…

7 May 2019

As a student ODP I spend most of my time on placement. I have been in Anaesthetics since January and will be there until the beginning of May. The anaesthetic room is where patients come to receive their anaesthetic before they are taken through to the operating theatre for their operation. Read more…

30 April 2019

Looking after a women’s mental health during her pregnancy and after giving birth is a big part of the midwife’s role in midwifery. A woman face a lot of changes during this time and midwives must ensure she is cared for and that her needs are met. Read more…


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