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17 June 2020

This time last year, I was in a full-time position at Costa in a small town. I had finished sixth form the previous year, but felt stuck with no aspirations for my future career. Then one day my friend recommended ARU and said there was a chance to apply through Clearing. Read more…

Featured Post

17 June 2020

Truthfully, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I finished sixth-form. I debated full-time jobs and apprenticeships and had considered university but never found a course that stood out for me. My friends had applied already but I kept looking at all my options. Read more…

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31 July 2020

Student BAME advocate Anna discusses the meaning of Black Lives Matter and the actions students and staff can take to become anti-racist. Read more…

23 July 2020

Rejection after investing so much energy into an application for work/study/promotion hurts. A lot. This blog explores strategies for staying resilient in the face of rejection, so that you keep moving forward to achieve your career goals. Read more…

17 July 2020

ARU graduate Eliza tells how her degree study gave her so much more than just a qualification, as it helped shape her decisions on what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be in the future. Read more…

10 July 2020

Have you ever thought of Googling yourself to check what records are available online? We are so used to putting our lives and thoughts on social media these days that sometimes we’re unaware of our image, and of who might be watching… Read more…

8 July 2020

If you're studying for our Accelerated Primary Education Studies degree, volunteering in a primary school is an ideal way to practice your new skills. Course leader John Parkin offers his advice for finding volunteer work. Read more…


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