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8 October 2021

As a postgraduate student, university can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, at ARU there are many places where students can go to receive support in both their studies, and student life. Read more…

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12 May 2021

Tiffany is studying Adult Nursing at ARU in Peterborough. But what led her to choose nursing as a career? Here, Tiffany blogs about her lifelong love of 'all things hospital' and celebrates the profession she's joining. Read more…

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3 December 2021

Despite the impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit on employment generally, the future looks bright for ARU students graduating with STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Read more…

19 November 2021

Midwifery, what a phenomenal career to work in. Being welcomed in to such a monumental moment for families, that they will go on to never forget. Every birth witnessed becomes more and more magical… Read more…

19 November 2021

University is hard work. You are working towards a career you always aspired for. It requires long hours of reading, late hours writing essays and early morning lectures. Never mind the added hours for those of us in the healthcare sector. Placement hours, skills sessions… Read more…

17 November 2021

Teacher training applications are always a hot topic at this time of year. Employability & Careers Adviser Issy Flexer gives some useful tips for preparing to train in the primary and secondary sectors. Read more…

4 November 2021

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in any industry these days: employers want to recruit diversely; candidates rightly expect to access work opportunities equally and to be considered fairly. But in a world where covid and Black Lives Matter have both made global news… Read more…

2 November 2021

Although I have only been working as an Accommodation Assistant at ARU a short time, I have learnt so much already. My team in Residential Services have been very supportive, and I am learning new things every day. Read more…


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