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8 October 2021

As a postgraduate student, university can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, at ARU there are many places where students can go to receive support in both their studies, and student life. Read more…

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12 May 2021

Tiffany is studying Adult Nursing at ARU in Peterborough. But what led her to choose nursing as a career? Here, Tiffany blogs about her lifelong love of 'all things hospital' and celebrates the profession she's joining. Read more…

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15 October 2021

Having studied Sport and Exercise Therapy at ARU for two years, I have been able to enjoy it both before COVID and throughout. To help you get an idea of what it might be like when you come to ARU, I’ve listed my top three memories. Read more…

15 October 2021

When deciding what to do after A levels I was really stuck. Every day a new course would come to mind, so I visited my school's career officer who suggested that I look into law. And that's what brought me to ARU. Read more…

14 October 2021

We’ve all had those days which feel absolutely jam-packed, or anticipate such a day arising the night before. At times like those, I swear just thinking about the busy time to come makes me feel tired. However, there are some things which we can do to make days like those a little easier. Read more…

13 October 2021

University can be tough! Reading, research, assignments, exams, then on top of this you may have a job, extra curricular and personal commitments. So how do you get relevant work experience too? Read more…

30 September 2021

Here we are again – the start of the new graduate recruitment season is upon us and many employers are already advertising their schemes for 2022. Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic – read on to find out how we’ve got you covered. Read more…

6 September 2021

If you’re reading this, you are thinking of pursuing a career in Midwifery, have had an offer for your university choice or maybe you start your degree soon. Either way, congratulations! Welcome on board the crazy Midwifery rollercoaster. Read more…


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