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17 November 2022

This Disability History Month we hear from Ben Turpin, who works as a Disability and Dyslexia Advisor at ARU. Ben talks about his disability and how he helps to support our students' success and wellbeing. Read more…

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11 October 2022

A typical day in the life of a paramedic is hectic at best, and ARU student paramedics have the privilege to experience this first-hand with the East of England and London ambulance services from their 3rd trimester. Read more…

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25 November 2022

Psychology with Criminology student Lucie has been using Career Pulse, an online tool available tor students at ARU, to develop her employability skills. Here, she gives us an insight into Career Pulse and its main benefits. Read more…

23 November 2022

Nowadays, in the news, we usually see only headlines that people are most likely to read, which give profit to journalists, newspaper companies and others. Unfortunately, every year dies, almost 18 million people around the world from Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Every 3.5 minutes… Read more…

8 November 2022

My name is Charles Nwachukwu, an MSc student of Public Health and Community Wellbeing at ARU on the Chelmsford campus. Coming from Nigeria, I had no idea what to expect studying in UK would feel like but so far, the experience has been amazing… Read more…

4 November 2022

Have you thought of applying for a graduate scheme? There are many to choose from and something to suit most students looking for their next step after completing their degree. Read more…


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