DigiFest 2019

In 2019, DigiFest included four one-day conference and workshop days held in Cambridge and Chelmsford, designed to support staff in the development of their digital, inclusive and active teaching.

The workshop days (9 September in Cambridge and 11 September in Chelmsford) included a range of parallel workshops on using the latest teaching, learning and assessment technologies including Canvas, MyPlayer, and Poll Everywhere.

The conference days (10 September in Cambridge and 12 September in Chelmsford) were made up of keynotes with nationally renowned speakers and short sessions with colleagues from across ARU who shared their research and best practice on digital literacy.

Presentations and recordings of the keynotes and sessions are available to download below.  A selection of photos captured the enthusiasm of colleagues throughout the event.

Workshop day sessions

Stream 1

  • Guest workshop Overcoming barriers to Student Engagement: Reflecting and sharing solutions to create inclusive engagement with students through new conversations, spaces and practices in Higher Education - Tom Lowe (University of Winchester) Presentation
  • Introduction to Zoom (Webinar) - Kate Outhwaite and Jason Williams (AL&T)
  • Transforming Canvas into an Active Digital Learning Environment - Isobel Gowers (AL&T) Presentation
  • Turn your course into a conversation - Mike Pake (FSE)
Stream 2
  • Introduction to Team-Based Learning - Uwe Richter and Linda Brown (AL&T)
  • Digital collaborators: developing a digital classroom approach of connected learning - Andrew Middleton and Uwe Richter (AL&T) Presentation
  • *MyShowcase - Uwe Richter and Kate Outhwaite (AL&T) Presentation

Stream 3

  • Canvas New Quizzes (QuizzesNext) - Kate Outhwaite (AL&T)
  • Introduction to classroom technologies - Jason Williams (AL&T)
  • Engaging students through Poll Everywhere - James Trueman (AL&T) Presentation

  • Media-Enhanced Assessment - Andrew Middleton and James Trueman (AL&T) Presentation
  • Making MyPlayer work in your course - Andrew Middleton and Jason Williams (AL&T) Presentation

Stream 4

  • *Using TOPdesk to manage PDT interactions with students and referrals to Student Services - Rachel Wright (Student Services) (Prezi)

*These sessions will be of particular interest to Personal Development Tutors (PDT)

Conference day sessions


  • Designing for student retention: The ICEBERG model - Jitse van Ameijde (Open University) (Delivered in Cambridge) Presentation
  • Quality Enhancement Report: Designing for student retention: The ICEBERG Model and key design tips

  • Students at the HELM. Learners as co-producers - Richard Windle (University of Nottingham) (Delivered in Chelmsford) Presentation

Stream 1

Stream 2

  • Incorporating MyShowcase electronic portfolios in a reward-based accrual of assets and points to enhance engagement and employability - Linda King (FSE)
  • New 2018 regulations on the accessibility of websites (Webinar) - Allen Crawford Thomas and John Kelly (Jisc)

  • Pre-arrival Canvas sites - Shaun Le Boutillier (AHSS) Presentation
  • Framing student reflection on employability and development planning through MyShowcase - Jo Outteridge (AL&T) Presentation
  • Rabbit holes and cat herding - a 'Bottom Up' approach to achieving 'Top Down' objectives - Linda King with Paul Flynn (FSE)
  • Annotation using Microsoft Ink - demonstration of using existing software to bring your presentations and documents to life - Clare Worley (ITS) Presentation
  • Implementing Canvas as a major project and ethics management system - Cliona O'Dunlaing and Christian Henjewele with Paul Flynn (FSE)
  • Using Canvas to facilitate students' transition to Higher Education: A cross-faculty pilot - Yvette Winnard (HEMS) Presentation

Lightning Strikes

  • We're Better Working Together: What is BWT and what does it mean for me? - Clare Worley (ITS) Presentation 

  • Easy reading Reading Lists: Constructing manageable @Anglia reading lists for students - Annelie Harvey (FSE) Presentation 
  • Beat the LMS Minimum Requirements with Canvas Quick Wins - Kate Outhwaite (AL&T)

  • Integrating library LibGuide content into Canvas - Neil Dixon and Ros Francis (University Library) Presentation 

  • Making Teachers Students in their own Canvas sites: Turning Canvas back on itself - Paul Fynn (FSE) Presentation 

  • Design Thinking, mixing analogue to digital tools (Video) - Beatriz Acevedo (AHSS)

  • Student created video to market the Library - Neil Dixon (University Library) and Kate Laver (MA Film and Television Production) Presentation

  • My experience using Poll Everywhere in my classroom - Senay Aydin (B&L) Presentation