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DigiFest is an annual event where we celebrate the sharing of good practice in technology-enhanced learning of our staff members.

DigiFest 2019

DigiFest 2019 is taking place on Monday–Tuesday 9–10 September in Cambridge, and Wednesday–Thursday 11–12 September in Chelmsford.

Conference days (10 and 12 September) can be booked via Business World. View the programme for 10 September in Cambridge. View the programme for 12 September in Chelmsford.

Workshop days (9 and 11 September) will be announced shortly.

Submit your proposal for DigiFest 2019

If you would like to proposal a session, please fill in the form. Closing date: 5 August

Workshop days (9 September in Cambridge and 11 September in Chelmsford) will be made up of workshops lasting either 1 or 2 hours and 30-minute 'show-and-tell' presentations of 30 minutes from 1 to 2pm.

Conference days (10 September in Cambridge and 12 September in Chelmsford) will include 30 minute presentations, workshops lasting either 1 hour or 2 hours, a series of Lightning Strikes lasting 5 minutes, and posters.

DigiFest 2018

DigiFest 2018 took place on Monday–Friday, 10–14 September, in Cambridge and Chelmsford. Read more about the programme and explore resources.

DigiFest 2016

DigiFest 2016 focused on digital literacy and aligns with our Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching Framework and Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy. It aimed to introduce digital literacy at Anglia Ruskin, share good practice in using and embedding digital literacy in the curriculum, and provide opportunities to learn new skills and tools.

For more information about DigiFest 2016, watch the videos below.


Lightning Strikes