The active curriculum at ARU: Implications for course leaders

1 May 2018, 13:00 - 16:00
Cambridge campus

A workshop for course leaders.

Learn more about the active curriculum and its key pedagogical strands and literacies.


Introductions (1pm–1.05pm)

Session 1 (1.05pm–1.20pm)

Sharon Waller
An introduction to the Active Curriculum – rationale, key features and objectives.

Session 2 (1.20pm–1.35pm)

Sharon Waller
Implementation of the Active Curriculum – an update on progress to date. Creation of Working Groups, external consultants, ACSG, reports to LTASC, etc.

Session 3 (1.35pm–2.15pm)

Aletta Norval
Aligning the Active Curriculum with our Education Education Strategy (includes a 30 min. workshop discussion session with course leaders).

Break (2.15pm–2.30pm)

Session 4 (2.30pm–2.40pm)

Julian Priddle
Progress update on a research project jointly led by Anglia Learning & Teaching and the ARU Students' Union on securing student perspectives on key dimensions of the Active Curriculum.

Session 5 (2.40pm–3.40pm)

Toby Carter
Update on Working Group on 'Research informed learning and teaching' and mini workshop.
Uwe Richter
Progress on Working Group on 'Placement, practice-based and work-based learning' and mini workshop.
Matt Kay
Progress on Working Group on 'Co- and extra-curricular learning' and mini workshop.

Session 6 (3.40pm–3.50pm)

Aletta Norval
Summarising feedback from the workshop sessions – next steps.

Event Details

1 May 2018, 13:00 - 16:00
Cambridge campus

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