Reflections on developing the scholarship of teaching and learning

13 July 2017, 13:15 - 16:15
Cambridge campus

Professor Mick Healey

Professor Mick Healey, higher education consultant and researcher, will lead this workshop on the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

The scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) involves three essential and integrated elements (Martin et al, 1998): 

  1. engagement with the scholarly contributions of others on teaching and learning
  2. reflection on one’s own teaching practice and the learning of students within the context of a particular discipline, and 
  3. communication and dissemination of aspects of practice and theoretical ideas about teaching and learning in general and teaching and learning within the discipline. 

This interactive workshop explores the meaning of the term ‘scholarship of teaching and learning’ and discusses some of the issues around this evolving concept. Professor Mick Healey will discuss the status of SoTL, a discipline-based approach to SoTL, and engaging students as partners in SoTL. 

The workshop includes a discussion of how to engage with SoTL through identifying and responding to what are variously referred to in the literature as ‘bottlenecks’ to student learning and ‘troublesome knowledge’. 

Mick will also examine how institutions and disciplines are engaged in SoTL, different ways in which participants can engage with SoTL, and what institutions can do to promote SoTL.

Mick is senior editor for the International Journal for Students as Partners (IJSaP). Read more about the journal on the News section of the Pedagogic Research page.

Event Details

13 July 2017, 13:15 - 16:15
Cambridge campus
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