Designing 'from the whole to the part'; an outcomes-based approach to course design thinking

Join Dr Alison Greig from the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) and Dr Julian Priddle (Anglia Learning & Teaching) for this Talking about Teaching seminar focused on outcomes-based course design.

In this session participants will be invited to think more broadly than the question  ‘What do our students need to know?’ and to also address the questions, ‘what do they need to be able to do’ and ‘what will they be like’ when designing new courses or modules.

Alison and Julian will draw on their experience of designing an interdisciplinary taught MSc as a programme of non-prescriptive learning which acknowledges that a university degree is more than simply a cognitive exercise but also involves personal and professional development. In this session participants will explore the design of a course as a learning journey where students ‘learn, experience, practice’, signposting and supporting students in gaining the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need as they progress in their careers.  The approach is congruent with the course design process embodied in the recent CDI workshops and the course-level approach of the Education Strategy.

Alison and Julian suggest that by formally designing-in these questions, an experience can be created which students find more engaging and fulfilling and which encourages pedagogies which are both active and inclusive.  Participants will be given the opportunity to use this design thinking in their own areas to encourage interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary experiences relevant for their students.

Lunch will be served at 12pm with the seminar starting at 12.30pm.

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