Canvas quick wins (online resource and course)

1 February - 30 July 2021, 00:00

Canvas quick wins is designed to help you, as a module leader or tutor, to set up your Canvas courses to meet the 2019/20 Essential Requirements (as listed in the "Transformation" column of the Canvas LMS Minimum Requirements 2018/19 document and Canvas LMS Minimum Requirements 2018/19 checklist).

NEW! The updated LMS Minimum Requirements document 2020/21 and Canvas LMS Minimum Requirements 2021/21 checklist are also now available.  It builds on the previous document so most of the advanced features are supported in the Canvas course but some additional resources will be added in the coming months in preparation for the release of the 2020/21 TRI1 modules in the summer.

You can choose to work through the Modules for the course or to visit the different sections to find out more about a particular tool or feature. It is recommended that you read the Getting Started section on your first visit.

You can also register to be enrolled as a student on the course. This will give you access to assignments where you can supply evidence (via a URL) of attempting the activities suggested for each requirement in order to gain CPD recognition, including an online badge.

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1 February - 30 July 2021, 00:00

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