9.30am: Arrival/refreshments

10am: Welcome and VC address

10.25am: Keynote: David Cain: Creating communities: the Cambridge Festival and approaches to learning

11.30am: Break (foyer)

11.45am: Parallel Sessions 1

12.25pm: Lunch and networking (foyer)

1.45pm: DVC Address and Awards

2.10pm: HSS students’ Creative Bootcamp*

2.40pm: Move to parallel rooms

2.45pm: Parallel Sessions 2

3.25pm: Break / networking (foyer)

4pm: Parallel Sessions 3

4.40pm: Closing plenary

*Crossing into Creativity: The Humanities and Social Sciences Creative Showcase Project  

The Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Creative Showcase Project was an extra-curricular project hosted by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in Spring 2022. The project supported students from the School to present and communicate their final major projects to public audiences, through creative outputs.  

The HSS Creative Showcase Project saw eleven students drawn from Criminology, English, History, International Relations, and Sociology, to take part in a week-long “Creative Bootcamp” at ARU in May 2022. Here, the student group developed artworks based on the research of their final-year research projects and dissertations.  

The project encouraged students to consider the “real-world” relevance and impact of their research projects, and how they could transcend the traditional dissertation to communicate their research to wider audiences in creative forms and formats. In producing these creative outputs, students gained confidence and skills, highly transferable to their graduate futures, as well as contributing to how creative skills and assessments might be embedded in the future curriculum of courses in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  

The HSS Creative Showcase Project was conceived by Dr Fiona Cosson, Head of School of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, led and developed by David Jay, the School’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Lead, and supported by Faculty’s technical team. The Humanities and Social Sciences Creative Showcase Project was kindly funded by the ARU Foundation.  

Find a short documentary film about the project here.

David Jay, School Learning, Teaching and Assessment Lead for School of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Ioana Adam, BA Criminology and Sociology  
Becky Browning, BA History 
Danielle Redgrave, MA Criminology 
Tyra Waul, BA Criminology and Sociology 
Amira Mahmoud Helmy Genidy, MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL 

Parallel Session 1

1a It’s good to talk: Developing professional learning through an interdisciplinary community of practice with John Parkin and Deborah Caws AND 1b Seacole Ward - a Canvas-based active learning experience with Sian Shaw
2a How the SHoKE community inspires and empowers under-represented students at ARU with Neale Daniel and Katie Atkin AND 2b Enablers and barriers to access and participation of Black chemists in Higher Education and workplace environments with Lata Gautam and Nathalie Zahra
3a More than a feeling: AHSS students' experiences of belonging and achievement with Liz Bradbury and Sarah Etchells AND 3b Closing the assessment gap with Esther Norton
4 Introducing our new media enterprise system 'YuJa' with Jason Williams
5 Employability in the curriculum: Joining the dots from Live Briefs to Major Projects with Beatriz Acevedo, Adrian Scruton and Marina Boz
6 A brief encounter: a journey focused on engaging and empowering learners with Allen Ahurira and Aamina Darr
7 Engage: our human Race Equality library with Linda Brown and our Race Equality Advocates

Parallel Session 2

8a Exploring the experience of student transition into HE: A longitudinal study in the Sport and Exercise Sciences discipline with Francesca Cavallerio, Clare Strongman and Matthew Timmis AND 8b Live Briefs at ARU: evaluating the impact of work-integrated learning on students, academics, and employer partners with Marina Boz, Stephanie Foley and Zoe Mogridge
9a Identifying barriers in higher education for BAME students and interventions to support their attainment with Nathalie Zahra, Lata Gautam and Nikolay Kolev AND 9b Do we know what it takes to be an anti-racist? with Jas Sangha and Chase Staras
10a Production and evaluation of ARU branded videos for supporting a blended delivery of clinical skills in eye care with Yvonne Norgett and Marta Vianya AND 10b Using video feedback with PGCE students with Ruth Platt
11 YuJa: active users and students as producers with Jason Williams
13 Let’s go for a walk! A walking seminar with Jamie Heywood
14 Using design fiction for near-future learning and teaching: an ARU research study with Neil Dixon, Sarah Elsegood and Laith Saab

Parallel Session 3

15a Implement digital certification and badging effectively across ARU? Initial results from a Learning and Teaching Project with Uwe Richter, Sarah Elsegood and Matthew Timmis AND 15b Not another one! Changing our reading list system from Talis to Keylinks with Rosalind Francis, Birgit Fraser and Nathan Newey
16a From Acorns to Oaks: A Case Study of Maximizing Impact of the ARU Course Leader Fund with Jennifer Martay and Andrew Thompson AND 16b Employability and research degree candidates with Eugene Giddens and John Walsh
17 Interdisciplinary learning design with George Evangelinos, Neil Dixon and Himara Govinnage
18 Quizzes in YuJa with Jason Williams
19 Hilda's Home. Hololens, mixed reality simulation with Sian Shaw