Seven reasons to apply by the UCAS deadline

It’s that time of year again, with the UCAS deadline fast approaching. While you can still apply to university after the deadline, there are some definite advantages to getting your application in by 15 January. Here are seven of them.

1. Secure a scholarship or bursary

We have a fantastic range of scholarships on offer this year. If you’ve got your application in and know you’ll be joining ARU, now’s the time to explore the financial support on offer. Found an option that’s made for you? Apply by 12 April.

2. Get your first-choice course

Universities start reviewing applications and allocating places immediately after 15 January. If you’re applying for an especially popular course, or one with a limited number of places, it makes sense to get your application in on time.

3. Get your first-choice uni

I see a theme emerging... As well as increasing your chances of getting onto your preferred course, submitting a strong UCAS application by 15 January can mean you stand a greater chance of getting your first-choice uni, too.

4. Use your support network

First-year ARU student, Shannon, felt the benefit of applying by the UCAS deadline. She went through the process with her friends, and they supported and encouraged each other.

5. Focus on your studies

With your application done, you’re free to concentrate on the important stuff: studying, revising, and acing your A-level exams.

6. Feel prepared

Performing arts student Dora applied by 15 January and says it made her feel organised and prepared.

7. Make a plan

With your application done, you’ll have plenty of time to get organised and prepare for uni. Take your time comparing student bank accounts, applying for a loan, and checking out accommodation.

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