(The Sound of) Creativity

2 February 2016, 18:30
Cambridge campus

Creativity is a key driver of modern, dynamic societies. In the UK the creative economy provides jobs for 2.5 million people, more than financial services, advanced manufacturing or construction, and the creative economy is one of the few industrial areas where the UK has a credible claim to be world-leading. Creativity themed research can range from the molecular and cellular workings of the brain, through to the linguistic, cultural, aesthetic and cognitive dimensions of what it is to be creative.

This seminar will start by exploring how unlikely intellectual collaborations are often the most productive, drawing inspiration from the development of computer music as a discipline through the work of musician, composer and innovator, John Chowning. His research into FM synthesis left a lasting academic legacy for his host institution of Stanford University while also delivering one of their most successful-ever examples of economic impact.

This seminar will highlight leading projects from across the University of York's past and more recent portfolio, including the recently announced £18 million national Digital Creativity Hub. The DC-Hub sets out to develop transformative projects for the UK’s digital economy in collaboration with industrial and cultural partners across the fields of computer games, interactive media and the convergent space between these disciplines. Furthermore, the creative application of audio technology will play a key role across the full remit of DC-Hub projects.

Event Details

2 February 2016, 18:30
Cambridge campus
LAB 113