Sports Colours 2021

Sports Colours winner group photo

This award is made to students in recognition of their outstanding contribution and commitment to sport at Anglia Ruskin University.

The students achieving this award are in their final year and have been nominated by a teammate or coach. They have all met the criteria as student-athletes who are highly regarded by their club, have represented our University to the highest standards and have demonstrated a passion for sport at ARU.

Congratulations to you all.

  • Anousheh Fulford, American Football
  • Henry Hodgkins, American Football
  • Izabel Halasz, Basketball
  • Juliana Luna-Bravo, Basketball
  • Vansh Bajaj, Cricket
  • Felix Mayo Sanchez, Fencing
  • Eve Pavitt, Football/Futsal
  • Jess Linger, Football/Futsal
  • Victoria Martin, Football/Futsal
  • Andrew Hawes, Hockey
  • Erren Ampleford, Hockey
  • Phoebe Aldrich, Hockey
  • Rosie Johnson, Hockey
  • Hannah Lally, Netball
  • Eleanor Summers, Netball
  • Kundai Maburutse, Netball
  • Lucy Northfield, Netball
  • Emily Bushell, Rugby
  • Lois Cooke, Rugby
  • Phoebe Salmond, Rugby
  • Scarlett Welbury, Rugby
  • Myles Turner, Swimming
  • Nela Wiedermannova, Volleyball
  • Agné Vaičiulyté, Volleyball