Biomarker Lab services and facilities

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In our Biomarker Lab in Cambridge, we use Salimetrics reagents, antibodies and kits.

Salimetrics is widely regarded as a global leader in salivary bioscience, they lead the field in developing saliva collection methods and assay technology and are trusted around the world to get reliable results.

We routinely analyse the following biomarkers, although others may be available. Please contact us to discuss.

+ Saliva markers

+ Hair markers

We're based in ARU's Science Centre, and we're licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA). Our facilities and services include:

  • bespoke labs offering the only Salimetrics-approved Centre of Excellence service in the UK; we're also the only UK academic institution offering this service
  • consistent, reliable and high-quality results produced by an experienced team with 15 years' salivary bioscience experience
  • robust, routine data quality control policy and checks
  • automated, high-throughput Tecan liquid handling systems
  • options for data delivery in as little as five to 40 days.