History Fest and English Fest

14-18 June 21

Join us for this packed week to get a taste of University lectures including Civil Rights in the US, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid's tale, Language and Society and more.

Our expert academics will explore topics in depth and you’ll have the opportunity to dig a bit deeper (or even test their knowledge!) in our interactive Q&A session. You can also attend talks to help you understand more about what studying History or English at University might be like. Hosted by our course leaders for History and English Literature, you can also ask our students about their degree, ARU or student life in general.

This week is aimed at those with or working towards level 3 qualifications but year 11s are also welcome.

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Monday 14 June

Female student in a clasroom

English Fest

English at University with Dr Cassie Gorman - 2pm 

Join English at University, 2-3pm

Tuesday 15 June

Female student sat inside

English Fest

Dystopia: Margaret Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale with Prof Sarah Brown – 11am

The Romantic Period; John Keats with Prof John Gardner – 2pm

Join Dystopia: Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, 11am-12pm Join The Romantic Period: John Keats, 2-3pm
Male student in lecture theatre

History Fest

Making of Modern Britain with Dr Richard Carr – 10am

Join The Making of Modern Britain, 10-11am

Wednesday 16 June

Male student inside

English Fest

The Great Gatsby: Trump, COVID-19 & Black Lives Matter with Dr Jeannette Baxter – 10am


Join The Great Gatsby: Trump, COVID-19 & Black Lives Matter, 10-11am
Male student inside

History Fest

Stalin’s Russia with Dr Jonathan Davis - 11am

The British Empire with Dr Sean Lang – 2pm

Join Stalin's Russia, 11am-12pm Join The British Empire, 2-3pm

Thursday 17 June

Male student in a classroom

English Fest

Language and Society with Prof Patricia MacCormack – 10am

Join Language and Society, 10-11am
Female student in a seminar

History Fest

History at University with Prof Rohan McWilliam – 11am

Join History at University, 11am-12pm

Friday 18 June

Female student inside

History Fest

Civil rights and race relations in the USA with Prof Rohan McWilliam – 10am

Join Civil Rights & Race Relations in the USA, 10-11
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