Making an impact on entrepreneurship and innovation

The Lord Ashcroft International Business School is a research-led, entrepreneurial and stakeholder-engaged Business School which focuses on cutting edge thought leadership and user-valued research. We are a Business School that participates in and leads international debates that address the major challenges faced by the communities we serve, with a particular emphasis on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The UK Government’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 confirmed that we are undertaking research that is having a significant impact on economies and societies, with 80% of our research impact considered to be either world-leading or internationally excellent. In particular our work to internationalise small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was commended. This work included the CURA-B project focusing on encouraging export activity amongst SMEs in Europe, as well as the work of our Centre for Enterprise Development and Research (CEDAR) to foster entrepreneurship and international trade in the UK, Romania and South Africa.

More recently our research has been assessing the business opportunities related to healthy ageing and assistive living. As the lead partner in an INTERREG IVA 2Seas Cross-border Cooperation programme we are translating the challenges of an ageing population by identifying opportunities for regional economic growth and enhanced social welfare. Led by Prof Ruth McNally, this project is helping regional development agencies, local and regional authorities, health and social care providers, carers, businesses and older people to realise the benefits of independent living through the utilisation of assistive technologies.

Research by Dr Nick Drydakis examining the impact of the financial crisis on well-being and mental health has been informing European policy and the World Health Organisation (WHO) on key social epidemiology patterns and providing evidence of the causes of social inequalities in European labour markets. Moreover, Dr Drydakis’ work on sexual orientation, discrimination and impacts on labour market outcomes has been used by the World Bank, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the European Commission and European Governments to shape and inform future employment policy.

Our research activities demonstrate that we value and champion business management teaching and research which cuts across disciplines and challenges preconceptions of traditional boundaries. All our courses are informed by our research and engagement with local, national and international employers with a strong emphasis on global citizenship, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

The Lord Ashcroft International Business School remains very much committed to ensuring our world-leading and internationally acclaimed teaching and research continues to make a real impact, shaping and influencing policy, fostering enterprise development and developing professional capacity, locally, nationally and globally, for the benefit of business and society.