Tenant profile: Afede Wellness

Afede supplies innovative ingredients as well as white label products into nutrition and cosmetics, but also food and pharmaceuticals. They have been based at ARU's Arise Innovation Hub in Chelmsford for five years.

CEO Jason Harrop says: “There’s a lot more interest out there in the health and wellbeing side, and one of the reasons I’m involved in these industries is that a lot of new sectors are being created at the edges of these, like cosmeceuticals at the edge of beauty and pharmaceuticals – it’s really at these edges where I have experience and look to target and grow.”

Jason is one of the hub’s longest serving occupants, having been in-situ since 2015.

“We’ve only just scratched the surface of what we can do with ARU,” he says. “I had an intern from the university a couple of years ago who was brilliant, and there are amazing laboratory facilities that I want to tap into more. The aim is to bring out my own brand at some point, which will mean utilising the facilities here and engaging further with the students.

“At the Hub there’s a real family atmosphere – we all have very different businesses but there are lots of synergies to be found, and the team are really supportive; there’s everything you need available under one roof.”

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