Dr Vangelis Chiotis


Faculty:Faculty of Business and Law

School:Economics, Finance and Law

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Business, management and leadership , Economics

Vangelis Chiotis is passionate about exploring the idea that moral behaviour is explained by rational premises. He is also interested in interdisciplinarity, the notion that effective learning and thinking rely on more than one areas of knowledge.



Dr Chiotis completed a PhD in Politics, Economics and Philosophy at the University of York for a thesis on moral contractarianism.

His research interests focus on moral and political philosophy, welfare economics and philosophy of economics. More specifically, examining rational and moral agency and the tension between individual maximisation and social welfare in a game theoretical framework of repeated interactions and social conventions. As such, his research utilises methodology and knowledge from various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including economics, philosophy and politics.

Research interests

  • Ethics and Economics

  • Moral and Political Philosophy

  • Philosophy of Economics

  • Theories of Justice

  • Collective Action 

Areas of research supervision

  • Business Ethics

  • Economic Theory

  • Political Economy

  • Theories of Justice

  • Welfare Economics

  • Institutional Economics

  • Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Research Methods for Business and Management
  • Responsible Business
  • Global Business Environment
  • EU Economy: Issues and Policies


  • PhD in Politics, Economics and Philosophy, University of York
  • MA in Political Economy, University of Essex
  • BSc in Economic Science, University of Piraeus

Selected recent publications

Chiotis, V., (2015), The morality of economic behaviour, Journal of Global Ethics, Volume 11, Issue 2

Chiotis, V., (2012), Information symmetries as a prerequisite for justice, VOX: The Student Journal of Politics, Economics and Philosophy, Issue XVIII: The Information Age

Recent presentations and conferences

The Morality of Social Structures. The Ethics of Economic Institutions. University of Utrecht, Netherlands. January 2015

Conventions: Rational and Dynamic. Collectivity - a conference on different aspects of collectivity. University of Bristol. September 2014

Moral Conventions and Rational Agency. MANCEPT 2014: Public and Private Morality, University of Manchester. September 2014

A conventionalist approach to libertarianism. MANCEPT 2014: The Current State of Libertarian Political Philosophy, University of Manchester. September 2014

Dynamic Contractarianism. Social Contract Theory: Past, Present, and Future, University of Lisbon, Portugal. May 2014

Constrained maximisation as evolutionary equilibria. Contractarian Moral Theory: the 25th Anniversary of Morals by Agreement, York University, Toronto, Canada. May 2011