Dr Tuncay Durna

Lecturer in Policing

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Policing

Research Supervision:Yes

My principal research centres around deterrence theory and traffic enforcement for road safety. My research also extends to democratic policing, police use of force, police training and education, and leadership and management in law enforcement agencies.

Email: tuncay.durna@anglia.ac.uk


Tuncay joined Anglia Ruskin in 2020 as a full time lecturer. He taught at Turkish National Police Academy and at Dicle University (Turkey) both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for many years. He also worked as a teaching assistant, team teacher, and as an adjunct professor at Kent State University, USA.

His teaching experience includes delivering in service training for law enforcement officers in several countries including Turkey, USA, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. He has 16 years of policing experience in Turkish National Police, including secondment to the OSCE Mission to Serbia as a police training advisor for two years.

Spoken Languages

  • Turkish
  • English

Research interests

My research interests are built on my previous studies and expertise to develop effective policies and tools for crime prevention especially in area of road safety, in which everyone is a potential victim or offender. They include effectiveness of electronic traffic enforcement technologies, effects of electronic enforcement on police citizen relations, prevention of drunk driving, a comparative approach on effective crime reduction policies, and role of police in crime prevention.


  • PhD in Public Policy, Kent State University (USA)
  • MA in Public Policy, Kent State University (USA)
  • MA in Criminal Justice Studies, Kent State University (USA)
  • BA in Security Sciences, Turkish National Police Academy

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Member of the BSC Policing Network
  • Member of International Police Association

Selected recent publications

Durna, T., 2015. Problem definition and agenda setting in public policies: role of grassroots organizations in drunk driving policymaking. The GLOBAL: A Journal of Policy and Strategy, 1(2), pp. 49-69. [Kamu politikalarında problem tanımı ve gündem belirleme: alkollü araç kullanımı ve sivil toplum örgütlerinin rolü The GLOBAL: A Journal of Policy and Strategy. 1(2), pp. 49-69]

Yuksel, Y. and Durna, T., 2015. The adaptability of management models across cultures. International Journal of Economic and Administrative Studies, 7(14), pp. 295-316.

Durna, T., 2012. Organization and coordination in road traffic safety management: a comparative study. Turkish Journal of Administration, 84(474), pp.103-127. [Karayolu trafik güvenliğinde teşkilatlanma ve koordinasyon: karşılaştırmalı bir çalışma. Türk İdare Dergisi, 84(474), pp.103-127.]

Durna, T., 2011. Situational determinants of police use of force: who the suspect is vs. what the suspect does. International Police Executive Symposium Working Paper Series, No:34, [online]. Available at: <http://www.ipes.info/WPS/WPS_No_34.pdf> [Accessed 12 February 2020].

Durna, T., 2009. Restoring trust between the public and the police: implementing democratic policing in turkey's terrorism torn areas. In Teymur, S., Ozdemir, H., Basibuyuk, O., Ozer, M., and Murat Gunbeyi M. eds. Combating Terrorism. Turkish Institute for Security and Democracy (TISD), Ankara: Turkey.

Durna, T., 2009. MADD, drunk driving laws, and deterrence: do they change individual attitudes and behavior?. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG.

Recent presentations and conferences

Durna, T. and Yuksel Y., 2014. ‘Speed camera enforcement in the Netherlands and Turkey: a comparative study’ presented at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences meeting (ACJS) February 18-22, 2014. Philadelphia, USA.

Yuksel, Y. and Durna, T., 2014. ‘Understanding the role of police culture in implementing planned organizational change: the case of COMPSTAT’ presented at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences meeting (ACJS) February 18-22, 2014. Philadelphia, USA.

Durna, T., 2014. ‘Global road safety and new paradigms’. Uşak University Traffic Fest. May 13, 2014. Uşak. [“Küresel Karayolu Güvenliği ve Yeni Paradigmalar”. Uşak Üniversitesi Trafik Festivali. 13 Mayıs 2014. Uşak.]

Durna, T., 2013. ‘The role of assessment centre in police candidate selection’ presented at The Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC) Annual Conference. June 03-04, 2013. İzmir, Turkey.