Tina Burton

Course Leader


Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:Cambridge School of Art

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Media arts , Graphic design and typography , Fine art , Digital media

Tina's research interests include artistic practice that incorporates physical technology, interactive installations, 2D game design (particularly for children), and theories of new media practice.




Tina completed a fine art degree in 1986 primarily focusing on experimental film making. She was awarded the Fuji film award for cinematography in their annual competition for a short 16mm film. Subsequently her career as a graphic interactive designer developed. Tina helped create interactive applications for one of the first touch screen software companies in the UK and worked freelance in London and the United States. She initiated vector interactive filmmaking at Fuel GB (an e-learning company) and went on to become a software trainer at a spin off company.

In 2010 Tina was invited to be a visiting Lecturer whilst completing a Masters degree in Interactive Media at The University of Hertfordshire. Her previous experience with touch screen applications led her to create interactive artefacts that explore the hypnogogic state, leaving the participant to explore and discover the work intuitively. Alongside this she developed an interest in physical computing which became an integral part of her personal practice. She realised that areas of technology have the potential to challenge the Cartesian principle of the passive/objective onlooker and began exploring phenomenology.

This led to concerns with how technology affects ones sense of self and how immersive environments can potentially elicit visceral experiences. In her project; 'Doing Nothing' Tina explored and challenged the user imperative to action. In this immersive installation, participants discover that images and sounds are triggered by locating a 'hotspot'; once triggered they must then stand perfectly still or the action ceases. This installation received the Adobe Design achievement award for Installation Design (2010).

Tina is currently seeking funding for a BBC Big Screen interactive project with the hope of investigating how group interaction affects both the screen and the crowd behaviour.

Research interests

  • Artistic practice incorporating physical technology
  • Interactive installations
  • 2D game design (particularly for children)
  • Theories of new media practice


  • MA (Interactive Media)