Tim Reynolds

Course Leader


Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:Cambridge School of Creative Industries

Location: Cambridge

Tim is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist focused on Sustainable Technology and Development.  He is interested in Smart Infrastructure for societies.  This particularly focuses on Water, Energy and Environmental control for example, SmartWaterNetworks, Low Head Hydro Power, Smart Irrigation and Drainage, Precision Agricultural Enterprise control. This control is facilitated over IP networks, interfaced to Enterprise Planning Systems (ERP). He believes entrepreneurship is a key driver for technology deployment, not least in developing economies. 



2006 – April 2012, Trustee Humanitarian Centre
1990 - present, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
1986 - 1990, Chief Executive Officer, Specialist Trenching Systems (STS) 
1986 - 1988, Technical Director, STS
1983 - 1986, Senior Land Drainage Engineer, Epping Forest District Council
1981 - 1982, Marketing Engineer, MMG Erosion Control Systems
1978 - 1981, Consultant River/Reservoir & Drainage Engineering, Atkins Land & Water Management 

Tim is also champion for Internet of Things Special Interest Group for Institution of Agricultural Engineers.

Research interests

  • Low Head hydropower generation.
  • Integrated  renewable/community power systems for rural development. 
  • Internet and utility infrastructure for developing nations ’Empowering the well head’.
  • Accessible web services for the visually impaired “SmartTraveller” and “SWANS” projects
  • Automated and Optimised “Discovery” for VLEs and MPEG4 using Linear Programming techniques. 
  • Web Services, SOA and UDDI to deploy the semantic web to the SME community.
  • Business Process Management and “joined up servers” for enterprise deployment.

Areas of research supervision

  • Internet of Things middleware for SmartWaterNetworks (current PhD supervision)
  • Complexity within ERP systems hosted via cloud services (current PhD supervision)
  • Digital Strategy and Publishing, particularly e-Learning  


BSc Computer Gaming Technology (Extended)


MSc, Southampton University, 1981 (Engineering)
BSc (Hons), Cranfield University, 1978 (Engineering)
NEP15, London Business School 1983
Chartered Engineer, 1988
Chartered Environmentalist 2005

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

Herga Electric: advising on deployment of offshore manufacturing and e-QA.
Huveaux/Fenman Ltd: Integration of Learning Object Metadata for discovery of training products by Learning Management Systems, and Development of a 2nd desktop (portal) of choice for Training practitioners.
BT: the use of landXML for the delivery of infrastructure data deployed via GPRS.
Tarmac Construction: Safety Health and Environmental mgt via application integration for ISO accreditation.
Touch the Earth: online environmental data collection for schools.
Community Biodiesel: lead investor and advise on e-commerce solution and on-line monitoring/IPPC. 
Cambridge Resource Consultants: advise on web presence and applications.
BT: proposal for restoration and reconstruction of derelict land.
Cambridge Rowing Trust: autographic monitoring of ground water levels for environmental monitoring. 
J Sainsbury: Design of aquifer heat sink for air conditioning loads and grey water systems.
Rugby Cement and Tilcon Aggregates: advising on environmental management accredited within ISO14001
Wessex Surveys: monitoring of beach management system using infra-red thermography
Geest Foods: advising on instrumentation for water minimisation and risk assessment.
Walls Ice Cream: metering study of potable and waste water management and control systems
National Trust: advising on telemetry for the remote recording of groundwater level and quality.
Church Commissioners: land decontamination and remediation specification and Design
Specialist Trenching Systems: Ltd development of narrow trenching and trenchless machine systems, specialist contracting for horizontal dewatering, landfill gas control, geotextile barrier installation, communication and cable installations. 
Epping Forest District Council: Design of Flood alleviation and land drainage infrastructure
W S Atkins Land and Water Management: design of River improvement, Drainage and reservoir schemes.

Selected recent publications

Spiteri, K.J., Luca, C. Reynolds, T., Wilson G., 2012, ‘Developing a framework for modelling complex business systems within the cloud’, Proceedings of the International Conference of Information Society (i-Society 2012), London, England, pp. 435 – 440

Spiteri, K.J., Luca, C. Reynolds, T., Wilson G., 2012, "Defining a baseline complexity model for ERP systems", Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (JITST), Volume 2, Issues 1/2, ISSN 2046-3723

Spiteri, K.J., Luca, C., Reynolds, T., Wilson G., 2013, "Complexity for system supported processes".

Recent presentations and conferences

Sustainable Design of datacentres MADCLAM Bootcamp Lord Ashcoft Business School. 
ICT for Development Impact of Cambridge Development Report, Humanitarian Centre, Cambridge.
Sustainability Planning and Village Infrastructure, Hardwick Village Plan 

Media experience

CAM FM Radio interviews