Dr Shaun Le Boutillier

Acting Deputy Dean (Education)

Principal Lecturer, Sociology

Course Leader, MA Sociology

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Sociology

Research Supervision:Yes

Shaun's undergraduate teaching specialisms include the sociology of work, social theory, applied ethics, and political theory. He is also the Course Leader for the MA Sociology course and is responsible for contributing to the courses on social theory and crime in late modernity.



Before becoming Acting Dean, Shaun's primary responsibility as Director of Studies was managing and monitoring students' academic development. He has also lectured in Sociology and Politics since 1999.

Shaun's main research interests lie in the areas of social theory and ethics. His PhD, awarded by the London School of Economics, involved a philosophical examination of the relationship between society and the individual. He has written a number of articles on this topic including a publication in the British Sociological Associations' main journal Sociology. His recent work has focused on championing Anthony Giddens' structuration theory whilst critiquing theoretical trends towards critical realism or social emergentism. He is currently working on a sociological contribution to moral philosophy which uses key elements of social theory to explain moral agency.

He is co-author (with Pip Jones and Liz Bradbury) of the 2011 second edition of Introducing Social Theory, published by Polity Press.

Research interests

  • social theory
  • ethics


  • sociology of work
  • social theory
  • applied ethics
  • political theory


  • BSc
  • MSc (Econ)
  • PhD (London)

Selected recent publications

With Jones, P. and Bradbury, L. Introducing Social Theory, Polity Press (2011)

'Emergence and Analytical Dualism' Philosophica (2003)

'Theorising Social Constraint' Sociology (2001)