Dr Richard Piech

Senior Lecturer

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

School:Psychology and Sport Science

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Brain & Cognition

Richard is a Senior Lecturer in our Department of Psychology. He holds an MSc and PhD, and his research focuses on affective neuroscience.


Research interests

Richard is interested in affective neuroscience. Within that, his research projects address questions from the following fields.

  • Decision making and well-being: which factors influence choices in an uncertain environment, and can these factors be utilized to optimize choice?
  • Emotional processing: what characterizes emotional influences on cognition, and how are they achieved in the brain?
  • Motivation: what underlies 'wanting' things like food and drugs?
  • Social neuroscience: how does the brain facilitate learning from the experiences of others?

Richard is a member of the following research areas.

These form part of our Brain and Cognition Research Group. Richard is also a member of our Emotion and Well-Being Research Area which forms part of our Applied, Social and Health Psychology Research Group.

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  • MSc
  • PhD

Selected recent publications

Kerskens, C.M., Piech, R.M. and Meaney, J.F.M., 2012. Imaging Blood Circulation Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. In: Leahy, M.J. (Ed.). Microcirculation Imaging. Weinheim: Wiley-Blackwell.

Piech, R.M., McHugo, M., Smith, S.D., Dukic, M.S., Van Der Meer, J., Abou-Khalil, B., Most, S.B. and Zald, D.H., 2011. Attentional capture by emotional stimuli is preserved in patients with amygdala lesions. Neuropschologia, 49(12), pp.3314-19.

Piech, R.M., McHugo, M., Smith, S.D., Dukic, M.S., Van Der Meer, J., Abou-Khalil, B., Zald, D.H., 2010. Fear-enhanced visual search persists after amygdala lesions. Neuropsychologia, 48(12), pp.3430-3435.

Piech, R.M., Pastorino, M.T., and Zald, D.H., 2010. All I saw was the cake: Hunger effects on attentional capture by visual food cues. Appetite, 54, pp.579-582.