Dr Nick Caddick

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Veterans and Families Institute for Military Social Research

Faculty:Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:Education and Social Care

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Social Work and Social Policy

Nick conducts research with veterans and families from psychological and sociological perspectives. He has expertise in qualitative methodologies and narrative inquiry.



Nick graduated with a BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences from the University of Gloucestershire in 2009, before going on to pursue an academic career in psychology. He completed a graduate diploma at the University of Gloucestershire in 2010, followed by a Masters at Loughborough University in 2011. 

In the autumn of 2011, Nick enrolled as a PhD student at Loughborough University to study the effects of surfing in the lives of combat veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Since graduating in 2015, Nick has published several peer reviewed articles on this topic, from both psychological and sociological perspectives.

During his PhD, Nick also worked on a number of funded research projects examining the psycho-social impact of housing type and quality in the lives of spinal injured adults. This work, commissioned by UK spinal injury charity Aspire, and was presented to the House of Commons in 2013 and used to argue for housing reform for individuals with a spinal injury.

Throughout his postgraduate education, Nick began developing methodological expertise in qualitative research methods (including narrative, critical discourse analysis, and phenomenology), and has co-authored several book chapters and peer reviewed articles on qualitative research and narrative inquiry. He has also taught narrative inquiry at Masters level and at international teaching seminars.

Between 2014 and 2015, Nick worked for a year as a postdoctoral research associate at Loughborough University before joining the Veterans & Families Institute in October 2015.

Research interests

  • Critical military studies
  • Veterans and families
  • Gender, men's health and masculinities
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Mental Health
  • Qualitative research methodologies (especially narrative discourse)

Areas of research supervision

Nick would be pleased to consider supervising doctoral students with the following research interests/topics:

  • Veterans and mental health
  • Gender and violence
  • Military masculinities
  • Military to civilian transition
  • Support for military families
Recent and current doctoral supervision as first supervisor:
  • What is the impact of dramatherapy for veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder? (current)


  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Gloucestershire
  • Graduate Diploma (Psychology), University of Gloucestershire
  • MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Loughborough University
  • PhD Exercise and Health Psychology, Loughborough University

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Graduate member of the British Psychological Society and affiliated to the Division of Health Psychology

Selected recent publications

Caddick, N., Smith, B., & Phoenix, C. (2015). Male combat veterans’ narratives of PTSD, masculinity, and health. Sociology of Health and Illness, 37, 97-111.

Caddick, N., Smith, B., & Phoenix, C. (2015). The effects of surfing and the natural environment on the well-being of combat veterans. Qualitative Health Research, 25, 76-86.

Caddick, N., Phoenix, C., & Smith, B. (2015). Collective stories and well-being: Using a dialogical narrative approach to understand peer relationships among combat veterans experiencing PTSD. Journal of Health Psychology, 20, 286-299.

Smith, B., & Caddick, N. (2015). The impact of living in a care home on the health and wellbeing of spinal cord injured people. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12, 4185-4202.

Clarke, N., Willis, M. E. H., Barnes, J., Caddick, N., Cromby, J., McDermott, H., & Wiltshire, G. (in press). Analytical pluralism in qualitative research: A meta-study. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 12, 182-201.

Caddick, N., & Smith, B. (2014). The impact of sport and physical activity on the well-being of combat veterans: A systematic review. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 15, 9-18.

Barnes, J., Caddick, N., Clarke, N. J., Cromby, J., McDermott, H., Willis, M. E. H., & Wiltshire, G. (2014). Methodological pluralism in qualitative research: Reflections on a meta-study. QMiP Bulletin, 17, 35-41.

Caddick, N., & Ryall, E. (2012). The social construction of mental toughness - A Fascistoid ideology? Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 39, 137-154.

Smith, B., & Caddick, N. (2012). Qualitative methods in sport: A concise overview for guiding social scientific sport research. Asia Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science, 1, 60-73.

Media experience

BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed, 29th April 2015
Daily Telegraph, 5th October 2015
Guardian, 30th October 2012