Dr Mengyi Xu

Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Faculty:Faculty of Business and Law


Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Business Management , Organisational Behaviour , Human Resources Management , Business, management and leadership , Leadership and management , Work-life balance

Research Supervision:Yes

Mengyi is a passionate educator and motivated researcher. She has abundant experience in teaching, administration and supervision at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels and specialises in the research of HRM, organisational studies, work-life balance, and mixed methods.

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Mengyi joined the Faculty of Bussiness and Law at ARU in 2019. Previously, she worked and studied in the Marketing, Management and Organisation Department in Keele Business School at Keele University. She participated in the research activities at Keele University and the University of Wolverhampton for Leverhulme and British Academy Small Projects respectively during 2017-2018. Prior to academia, she worked as a professional in a variety of roles in the UK and China including mainly HR, bilingual (Mandarin) teacher, and presenter, etc.

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • Chinese Mandarin

Research interests

Mengyi’s research interests fall in the categories of work and organisation, as are specifically listed below. Her recent work has considered the well-being oriented HRM as an alternative route to high-performance HRM, employee perceptions of work-life balance and approaches to work-life management, work engagement and turnover issues for new generation employees, the application of AI (Artificial intelligence) in HRM and the impact of situational support in Information security behaviour. Mengyi uses mixed methods, qualitative, and quantitative research designs in her research. Her research has been published and presented at various journals and international conferences. 

Work-Life Balance 

Well-being oriented HRM 

AI (Artificial intelligence) in HRM 

HRM in China 

Critical management 

Mixed methods  

Cross-cultural and comparative studies between emerging and developed countries 

Areas of research supervision

Mengyi is interested in supervising PhD students who would like to examine issues to do with the following areas:

  • Work-Life studies from organisational and national levels
  • Well-being oriented HRM
  • International / Comparative HRM
  • HRM in China


Mengyi has abundant teaching, supervision and administration experience across the range of HRM, Employment Relationship and Organisational Behaviour courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is passionate about helping students to see the real-world implications of classroom theories and achieve their professional goals. The modules she is leading/teaching are: 


  • Organisational Behaviour |UG level 4 
  • Managing Human Resources and Improving Organisational Performance |UG level 5 
  • Leadership in contemporary organisations |UG level 6 
  • Undergraduate Research Major Project |UG level 6 
  • Business Skills |PG level 7  
  • Postgraduate Research Major Project |PG level 7 


  • PhD in HRM and Employment Relationships, Keele University
  • PG Cert in Higher Education Practice, Keele University

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy 
  • Reviewer and Member of Academy of Management 
  • Reviewer and Member of British Academy of Management 
  • Member of Work & Family Researchers Network 
  • Member of Association of British Chinese Professors 
  • Member of Network for Research into Chinese Education Mobilities  

Selected recent publications

Xu. M and Cao. X (2020), Work-life issues among China’s only-child generation employees. Submitted to International Journal of HRM (3* ABS) 

Hong. YX, Furnell. S and Xu. M.(2020), Situational Support and Information Security Behavioural Intention: A Comparative Between Non-Work Users and Work Users Under Organizational Context, submitted to Information & Management (3* ABS) 

Xu, M (working paper) The problematics of work-life management: evidence from Chinese employees, employee relations. 

Xu, M (working paper) Perceived balance and experienced imbalance: the superficial and unsustainable work-life balance of Chinese employees, Work, Employment & Society. 

Xu, M (working paper) The conceptual framework of the WLB in China: a multi-layered model, International journal of HRM. 

Recent presentations and conferences

Xu, M (2020) The problematics of work-life management: evidence from Chinese employees, International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) Annual Conference 2020, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 15-17th April 2020. 

Xu, M (2019) Perceived balance and experienced imbalance: the superficial and unsustainable work-life balance of Chinese employees, International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) Annual Conference 2019, Vienna, 26th April 2019. 

Xu, M and Cao, X. (2018) The relationship between work-family conflict and work-related outcomes: evidence from China’s new-generation employees, British Academy of Management (BAM) Annual Conference 2018, ISBN: 978-0-9956413-1-0, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, 4th September. 

Xu. M (2018) Triple gaps in the implementation of work-life balance policy and practices (WLBPPs) in the Chinese workplace. British Academy of Management (BAM) Symposium 2018, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, 3rd September. 

Xu, M. (2017) Work longer with work-life balance? Preliminary findings on the Work-life balance of urban white-collar workers in Chinese SOEs, Employment Relations Innovation and Change (CERIC) Conference 2017, Leeds University, 10th May. 

Xu, M. (2016) Work-family conflict, turnover intention and work engagement for China’s only-child employees, The 9th Asian Regional Congress of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) Beijing, 3rd November.