Meizi Zhang

Doctoral Researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Graphic design and typography

Courses taught: Graphic Design and Typography

Meizi is a Doctoral Researcher with particular interest in evaluating the significance of concrete poetry in the emerging practices of digital poetry.


Meizi graduated from Northeastern University China as a graphic design major and in September 2012 was accepted to Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London as a visual communication major. In 2013, after getting her master’s degree, she returned to China and was appointed Graphics Lecturer in the College of Arts at Northeastern University.

Meizi Zhang is passionate about graphic design, font design, and research on visual language in visual poetry. In her studies at UAL, Meizi discovered concrete poetry and fell in love with the artform. In 2015, she returned to the UK to pursue a PhD in Cambridge School of Art under the supervision of Professor Will Hill, exploring the different meanings and poetic expression of concrete poetry in different eras. Through her research, Meizi hopes to introduce the artform to China.

Research interests

Research synopsis:

As a special form of poetic expression, concrete poetry is manifested in different forms in different times. Today, the arrival of digital media has brought new possibilities for the visual aspects of poetry and has stimulated new understanding and expression of the typography design in concrete poetry. Within this context, Meizi’s doctoral research evaluates the significance of concrete poetry in the emerging practices of digital poetry, which explores the application and meaning of poetic typography and to uncover an interactive-media-based visual language.

Through practical creations of various interactive poetry, Meizi analyses the relationship between print-based concrete poetry and the emerging discipline of digital poetry, as well as the relationship between audiences, the author, and the poetry itself. She is using Bruce Brown’s applied research method, which examines cases in certain environments and addresses specific questions, thus creating progressive ideas and conclusions. In this study, concrete poetry from different backgrounds and media will experiment with certain research objects and aims, ranging from printed poetry to audio poetry and interactive poetry. The specific experimental works include handwriting, typewriting, audio, performance poetry and digital poetry (e.g. HCI).

Projects and exhibitions

Daughter Mother Grandmother, exhibited in MA Show Dot the i's and Cross the t's, Chelsea College of Arts.

Interactive Poetry Project: 4minutes-River (ongoing)