Dr Mehrdad Asadi

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

School:Engineering and the Built Environment

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Mechanical Engineering

Research Supervision:Yes

Mehrdad is a professional industrial research and development program coordinator with several achievements in innovation, product design and industrial academia collaborations.



Mehrdad's specialisms are focused in metal/carbon composite mechanics, applied finite element techniques, vehicle crashworthiness and experiment design for material characteristic identification in simulations. He has over twelve years of industrial career background and a wide experience in managing industrial projects.

Mehrdad has been a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at ARU since 2012. Prior to joining our University he was a Structural Analyst for the Force India Formula 1 team, FEA Engineer and Project Coordinator at Cellbond, a Structural Engineer at Beton Pash and a Design Team Consultant for Water Corporation.

Research interests

  • Applied dynamics and finite element implementation in crash analysis
  • High performance energy absorbers
  • Metal composites failure mechanisms
  • Connection failure models in carbon fibres under high frequency loading
  • Fatigue analysis in carbon fibre skins, Formula 1 applications
  • Optimum rubber material modelling under high frequency loading mechanisms

Areas of research supervision

First supervisor for four full-time and one part-time PhD students in:

  • Applied Finite Element Method
  • Occupant/Passenger safety in Automotive
  • Resilience in Pressurised Pipelines
  • Carbon Fibre Energy Absorber Systems
  • FE Modelling of Aluminium Honeycomb and Crash Test Barriers
  • Motorcyclist safety


  • Guest Lecturer in Hubai University of Technology
  • Mathematics for Engineering
  • Introduction to Engineering Materials
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Materials and Processes
  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • Advanced Computer Aided Engineering (MSc)
  • Advanced Engineering Materials and Structural Integrity (MSc)


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering, Anglia Ruskin University, 2010
  • MSc in Structural Engineering, Iranian University of Science and Technology, 2001
  • BSc in Civil Engineering, Tabriz University, Iran, 1998

Memberships, editorial boards

Reviewer for:

  • Journal of Modern Processes in Manufacturing and Production
  • Journal of Polymer Testing
  • Journal of Materials and Design

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

  • Creation of an Industrial/Academic EU consortium to conduct multi-disciplinary research programme, 2019
  • Formation of Erasmus agreement for staff/researcher movement with NTUA, 2018
  • SBRI Motorcyclist safety, phase I, £15K, 2015
  • KEEP project in Reuse sector, £30K, 2013
  • Actively involved in Motorcycle and Motorcyclist Safety (MYMOSA) within Cellbond Ltd., 2007-2009

Selected recent publications

Chahardoli, S., Alavi Nia, A. and Asadi, M., 2019. A parametric study of the mechanical behavior of nested multi tube structures under quasi-static loading. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 19(4), pp.943-957.

Chahardoli, S., Alavi Nia, A. and Asadi, M., 2019. Parametric investigation of the mechanical behavior of expanding-folding absorbers and their implementation in sandwich panels core. Thin-Walled Structures, 137, pp.53-56.

Asadi, M., Walker, B. and Shirvani, H., 2014. Shell or Solid Elements? Terminology to Choose the Modelling Technique for Offset Deformable Barrier. iCrash Conference. Malaysia. 2014.

Asadi, M., Walker, B., Mebrahtu, H. and Ashmead, M., 2013. Finite Element Modeling of Aluminium Honeycomb with Variable Crush Strength and Its Application in AE-MDB Model. 9th European LS-DYNA conference. Manchester, UK. 2013.

Asadi, M. and Abdennader, S., 2011. The New Terminology to Develop and Evaluate IIHS Barrier Model Using Shell Elements. HTC Conference. Bonn, Germany. 2011.

Asadi, M. and Walker, B., 2011. Application of Shell Elements to Create Advanced Finite Element Model for Offset Deformable Barrier. International Journal of Vehicle Structures & Systems, 3(2), pp.139-143.

Asadi, M., Bruce, I. and Shirvani, H., 2009. An Investigation to Compare the Application of Shell and Solid Element Honeycomb Model in ODB. 7th European LS-DYNA Conference, May 2009.

Asadi, M. and Tattersall, P., 2009. Full-Scale modelling and Correlation of Nuclear Flask Energy absorber. UKAEA official report (confidential), 2009.

Asadi, M., Walker, B. and Shirvani, H., 2008. Development of the Advanced Finite Element Model for ODB Impact Barrier. Japan LS-DYNA User Conference, October 2008.

Asadi, M., and Tattersall, P., 2008. Full Validation of the Pedestrian Friendly Bonnet. Aprosys Official Paper (confidential), 2008.

Asadi, M., Walker, B. and Shirvani, H., 2008. New Finite Element Model for NHTSA Impact Barrier. 10th International LS-DYNA Users Conference, June 2008.

Asadi, M., and Shirvani, H., 2008. Optimized Material Model for Aluminium Honeycomb in NHTSA Crash Test Barriers. Research Student Conference, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, 2008.

Asadi, M., Walker, B. and Shirvani, H., 2007. Evaluation of New Finite Element Model for IIHS Side Impact Barrier. Japan LS-DYNA User Conference, October 2007.

Asadi, M., Tattersall, P., Walker, B. and Shirvani, H., 2007. Advanced Finite Element Model for AE-MDB Side Impact Barrier. 6th European LsDyna User Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2007.

Asadi, M., Volltaire, A.C., Ashmead, M. and Shirvani, H., 2007. Experimental test and Finite Element modelling of pedestrian Headform Impact on Honeycomb Sandwich Panel. 18th ASCE Engineering Mechanics Division Conference, Virginia, USA, 2007.

Asadi, M., Shirvani, H., Sanaei, E. and Ashmead, M., 2006. A Simplified Model to simulate crash Behaviour of Honeycomb. International conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture, Harbin, China, 2006.

Asadi, M. and Sanaei, E., 2002. Linear and Nonlinear Behaviour of Double Layer Braced Domes. International Conference of Steel and Space Structures, Singapore, October 2002.

Asadi, M. and Sanaei, E., Optimized Parametrical Design of Double Layer Braced Domes. MSc, Thesis, Civil Engineering Department, IUST, 2001.

Media experience

Featured in The Engineer magazine after innovation of a Pedestrian Friendly Bonnet in 2011.