Mark Pickering

Research Assistant

StoryLab Research Institute

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Film and television production

As a film-maker and sound producer, Mark undertakes numerous roles as a production professional including directing, camera operating and sound recording as well as both video and audio post-production. He has over 15 years' industry experience.

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Mark is represented by the London-based music video directors agency, Las Bandas, directing videos for UK and internationally acclaimed artists such as Paloma Faith and Lethal Bizzle. He provides professional sound support for Cambridge School of Art, where he also obtained his MA in Film & TV Production in 2015.

In September 2016, Mark started production of a horror feature film that he co-wrote and directed. The film is currently in the latter stages of post-production and is due to be released in spring/summer 2018.

Research interests

  • Sound recording practices in film and television
  • Sound engineering and audio processing
  • Sound design and music composition
  • Practice research (film and audio)
  • Film production (documentary)
  • Film production (drama)
  • Audio-visual technology
  • Distribution platforms

Mark's research interests, inspired by professional practice and the changing landscape of film production, question how contemporaneous technological advances democratise film making techniques and practices. Mark is interested in how these changes have impacted the film and TV industry and what the implications are as distribution platforms and audience consumption habits evolve.


  • MA Film & Television Production, Anglia Ruskin University