Dr Lyndsay Baines

Course Leader for the MSc Global Military Veteran and Family Studies (Distance learning)

Faculty:Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:Education and Social Care

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Psychology , Education and teaching

Dr Baines has a background in medical sociology and psychology and specialises in global health, well-being and the psychosocial aspects of civilian and military trauma and pain management.


As an early stage researcher, Dr Baines was embedded with the solid organ transplant team at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, where she established one of the first ward-based counselling services for organ transplant patients. Dr Baines continues her research into psychosocial aspects of solid organ transplant, digital healthcare and patient engagement at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, where she holds an honorary research fellowship.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn and Enduring Freedom, Dr Baines relocated to the United States, where she worked for The Henry M Jackson Foundation, based with the Combat Wounds Team at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC. Her role included working with wounded veterans and their families returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr Baines continues her research collaboration pertaining to global health and social care in terms of veteran well-being, human security and developing global training education pathways for personnel preparing to deploy across national borders to low resource, post-conflict and humanitarian situations, with colleagues at the National Defense University, Uniformed Services University and George Washington University.

As course leader for our military veteran and family studies, Dr Baines is charged with broadening the scope of the veteran curriculum to incorporate the concept of a global veteran (e.g. peace keepers, resistance fighters, refugees, victims of torture, NGOs) and the development of postgraduate programmes.

Research interests

  • Psychosocial issues amongst solid organ transplant patients
  • Pain management
  • Digital healthcare
  • Oncology (breast and colorectal cancer)
  • Combat wounds
  • Military and Civilian Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Global health and social care
  • Educational pathways for personnel preparing to deploy across borders
  • Development of Capacity Building Education Distance Learning

Areas of research supervision

  • Psychosocial aspects of chronic illness
  • Global health and social care in low resource, post-conflict and humanitarian situations
  • Digital health
  • Assimilation of refugees
  • Management of global medical projects using social media


  • Distance, blended and digital learning
  • Global health and social care


  • PhD Psychology, University of London

Memberships, editorial boards

  • British Psychological Society
  • Higher Education Academy

AMAR Foundation Medical Advisory Board - Director of Global Health

2016 World Health Organisation Mental Health Gap Action Committee

2016 Institute of Rural Research & Development Consultant (trafficking, human security)

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

2017- Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences-Director Global Mental Health (Distance Learning)
2017- Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences-Adjunct Associate Professor Department of Preventative Medicine & Biostatistics.
August 2016 - Indian Institute Of Technology Gandhinagar, India. Scholar In Residence.

Selected recent publications


Baines Ls, Mitchell L, Long K, et al. (2017). Post-deployment screening for mental disorders and help-seeking in the UK military. Lancet. Aug 5;390(10094):553-554. doi: 10.1016/SO140-6736(17)31627-6.

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Recent presentations and conferences

2016 Building Capacity And Equipping For The Future Of Veteran Care. Australian Services Care Network, Tri Nations Symposium, Adelaide, Australia.

2016 Decision Making & Risk Taking Amongst Live Paired Kidney Transplant Patients. British Transplant Society Annual Congress, Glasgow.

2016 Global Health As A Human Security Issue. Federal Asia Pacific American Council, Florida, United States.

2015 Human Security Issues & the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Interagency Health Leaders Roundtable, National Defense University, United States.

Media experience

Journalistic activity 

Pullen, L., 2017. Interview with Lara Pullen. Organ donation after euthanasia. American Journal of Transplantation, 17, 1149-1150.

Baines, L.S. Modi's plan to transform India has yet to reach the streets of his home state. The Conversation UK, 15 August 2016.