Lisa Kirkham

Doctoral Researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Graphic design and typography

Courses taught: Graphic Design and Typography

Lisa's research is essentially concerned with the impact of digital ('intangible’) technologies on the process of book design.


Lisa has a background in economics, publishing and typographic design. In 2008, while working as a freelance designer, she completed an MA in Typographic Design, during which she created a typeface that has been used in children’s picture books. She is currently working towards a PhD and is involved with teaching creative arts to international students at foundation and pre-masters level.

Research interests

Research synopsis

Digital technologies have had a profound impact on every aspect of human life, changing the ways we think, perceive and act. Our understanding of those impacts and their consequences are in its infancy. Lisa’s research aims to enrich our appreciation of how technology has changed the process of book design directly and indirectly, from the perspective of a framework based on current theories of embodied cognition, haptic perception and material culture.