Dr Koenraad Claes

Lecturer in Romantic-Period Literature

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Literature

Research Supervision:Yes

Koenraad teaches and researches British long-nineteenth-century literature and print culture, with a particular interest in Romantic literary representations of ideological clashes, Romantic and Victorian periodicals and all strands of late-Victorian Aestheticism.

Twitter: @KoenraadClaes

Email: koenraad.claes@aru.ac.uk


Koenraad joined Anglia Ruskin in January 2020, having previously held teaching and research fellowships at Ghent University (Belgium) and the University of Kent.

His first monograph The Late-Victorian Little Magazine was published by Edinburgh University Press in August 2018. He is currently working on a proposal for his second book, which will study correlations between narrative form and conservative ideology in the latter’s formative period from the French Revolution to the Second Reform Act.

He serves as the Managing Editor for the open-access journal Authorship and as Biographies Acquisitions Editor for the scholarly resource Yellow Nineties 2.0.

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French

Research interests

  • Romantic-period literature
  • Victorian literature
  • Revolutions and counter-revolutions
  • Periodical history
  • Victorian avant-garde (yes - there is such a thing) art and literature

Selected recent publications


Claes, K., 2018. The Late-Victorian Little Magazine. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Refereed journal articles

Claes, K., 2017. '"Due Encouragement”: The Consecration of Female Authorship through Contributions and Extracts in the First Series of the Lady's Magazine (1770-1819)'. Victorian Periodicals Review 50.2. pp. 319-335.

Claes, K., 2012. '"What to naturalists is known as a Symbiosis": Literature, community and nature in the Evergreen'. Scottish Literary Review 4.1. pp. 111-130.

Claes, K., 2010. 'Supplements and Paratext: the rhetoric of space'. Victorian Periodicals Review 43.2. pp. 196-210.

Claes, K. & Marysa Demoor, 2010. 'The Little Magazines of the 1890s: Towards a Total Work of Art'. English Studies 91.2. pp. 133-149.

Book chapters and peer-reviewed web resources

Claes, K., 2019. 'Parade's End and the Modernist Legacy of Nineteenth-Century Literary Toryism'. Literary and Cultural Alternatives to Modernism: Unsettling Presences. Eds Kostas Boyiopoulos, Anthony Patterson and Mark Sandy. London: Routledge.

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Recent presentations and conferences

'A Regionalist International? - Flemish poetry in Scotland, 1890-present'. Biennial conference of the World Congress of Scottish Literatures, 'Transnationalism and Minor Cultures'. Charles University of Prague, June 2020.

'The Lady's Magazine and the Politicisation of Female Readers' Conference. 'The Lady's Magazine at 250'. University of Kent, April 2020.

'"To wait the course of Events": Walter Scott and Counter-Revolutionary Narrative' Conference 'Literature and Event'. University of Warwick, February 2020.

'Beautiful Truth & Truthful Beauty: Keatsian mimesis and materiality in late-Victorian aesthetics'. Conference 'Late Romanticism: Past and Present'. University of Leuven, December 2019.

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'Great Characters: Frankenstein'. Adult education lectures 'Great Characters', Dept. of Literary Studies, Ghent University, May 2019.

'Late-Victorian Little Magazines and the Invention of the Avant-garde'. Invited talk. Nineteenth-Century Centre, University of Birmingham, November 2018.

'Revolving historical patterns in the political poetry of Young England'. Annual conference of the British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS), 'Victorian Patterns'. University of Exeter, August 2018.

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'"So particularly involved": A Prosopographical Sketch of a Controversy in the Lady's Magazine'. Biennial conference of the British Association for Romanticism Studies (BARS), 'Romantic Imprints'. Cardiff University, July 2015.

'A Window on the World: the phenomenon of the Lady's Magazine (1770-1818)'. Invited talk, together with Dr Jennie Batchelor (University of Kent) and Dr Jenny DiPlacidi (University of Kent). Chawton House Library - Chawton, May 2015.

'"A Reflection of the Things Around Him": The Reception of James Hogg and other Scottish Authors in the Lady's Magazine'. Conference 'James Hogg and His World'. University of Toronto, April 2015.

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'The Periodical Supplement in Theory and Practice' Annual conference of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, 'Characters of the Press'. Roehampton University - London, July 2008.

Media experience

24 May 2019, appearance on Radio 1 (Flanders), De Wereld van Sofie: Themed episode on the bicentenary of Queen Victoria. Discussion of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s The Victorians: Twelve Titans who Forged Britain (2019).

March 2013, together with Dr Birgit Van Puymbroeck (Ghent University): academic introduction at the official Belgian launch of the BBC television adaptation and of the first Dutch translation of Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End.