Katrine Kergrohen Donois

PhD Researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

School:Psychology and Sport Science

Location: Cambridge

Research Supervision:Yes


Research interests

Thesis title:

Science, Society, and the Media: Bridging the Communication Divide.

Supervisory Team

Dr Lewis Goodings

Dr Mick Finlay

Dr Nicola Gibson

Summary of Research

Katrine is asking the question, 'But where is the evidence? The impact of public and media discourse on science communication'. Katrine’s research concerns the multiple ways in which 'science' is communicated and understood, and examines the processes that impact on the effective communication of science.

The main focus of her PhD project is on investigating the role of discourse and rhetorical framing (i.e., to identify specific discursive strategies and rhetorical patterns used by anti- and pro-science journalists and online commentators). In addition, the project seeks to investigate and re-evaluate the role of the scientist in communicating contested science (such as routine vaccinations, anthropogenic climate change, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)).

Finally, Katrine's project seeks to consider possible steps to improve science communication.