Johnpaul Ogbonna Mbutor

Doctoral Researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Film, media and communication studies , Politics and international relations , Media arts

Courses taught: Film and Television Production

Johnpaul is a Doctoral Researcher with particular interest in political communication.


Johnpaul Ogbonna holds a bachelor degree in Mass Communication from the prestigious Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria. He joined Anglia Ruskin University in 2013 and graduated with a Masters degree in Film and Television Production in 2014. Presently, he is a doctoral research candidate.

He is also an experienced teacher and journalist, and has worked with Radio Nigeria, Unity FM, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State as a reporter as well as National Ambassador Newspapers, Umuahia. He did his compulsory one year national service in Kebbi State, Northern Nigeria, where he taught English language. He has attended various research seminars and conferences both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, and has published articles in a peer reviewed journal both at home and abroad.

Johnpaul has passion for reading newspapers and watching soccer, and a vested interest in analysing public affairs.

Research interests

Research synopsis:

The title of Johnpaul Ogbonna's research is "Political Communication and Media Coverage of Election in Nigeria: A Study of Edo State 2016 Governorship Election". The aim of his research is to identify the various agenda set by the various political actors in the electoral process. It will also identify how the new media (internet and social media) have been used in the Nigerian election. His research adopts a mixed method approach and he is currently at the data collection stage.

Selected recent publications

Mbutor, O.J., 2015. The Effects of British Television Among Foreign Audience.International Journal of International Relations, Media and Mass Communication Studies.

Recent presentations and conferences

Mbutor,O.J., 2016. Americanisation of Nigerian political communications: matters arising from the 2015 general elections. African Council of Communication Education at Calabar, Nigeria. (Sent for review).