Jane Boyer

Doctoral Researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Fine art , Photography

Courses taught: Fine Art

Jane Boyer is an artist, curator, and writer researching the relationship between autobiography and simulacra, and how that relationship affects views of the self in emergent artist/curator practice.




Jane began her undergraduate studies in Fine Art Photography at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, transferring to the San Francisco Art Institute in her final year where she studied with Regan Louie and Linda Connor. In 2000 she changed her medium to painting and spent the next 10 years teaching herself to paint and learning art theory. In 2010, Jane joined Cor Blimey Studios in London where she developed many of the core skills used in her professional practice.

In 2013, Jane was awarded an Arts Council grant and private sponsorship to fund This ‘Me’ of Mine, a touring exhibition on identity in the digital age. This work experience brought her to Anglia Ruskin. Jane is art writer and curatorial assistant for ARTHOUSE1 gallery in London.

Research interests

Research synopsis:

Artist/curator practice continues to be a subject of debate within curating and fine art praxis in a dialectic of what and how art should be seen, often focusing on the ethics of artists curating their own work, and questions of competencies in communicating with an audience. Jane's study does not attempt to answer these questions directly, but aims to lay a philosophical basis to address these issues and others by analysing the shift between positions of the I-artist and the I-curator and by identifying the mechanisms that allow this shift to happen.

Jane is using a methodology of reflective self-similarity, where the subject of the study is also its methodology, to define the relationship between autobiography and simulacra. This relationship is key to identifying the shift in position and the mechanisms involved in communicating with self and other. Strategies of collaging, mirroring, layering, interleaving, articulation, and fragmented temporal registers are being applied throughout the research, and in writing the research, to develop a flow of ideas that mirror and reflect each other from a variety of perspectives.

Selected recent publications

Boyer, J., 2015. An Intention to Being, critical essay on the work of Andrew Vass, ARTHOUSE1 Gallery, London.

Recent presentations and conferences

Boyer, J., 2016. The Self–Position in Creative Arts Research, presentation given at SENSE|EXPERIMENT|SURPRISE|UNDERSTANDING PhD Research in Practice, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham.

Projects and case studies

Boyer, J. (curator), 2015, A project space called ‘I’, ARTHOUSE1 Gallery, London. Case study.

Boyer, J., Davenport, K., Johns, D., Marmalade, G., 2016, PSEUDIO, featuring ‘When a wall gets an autobiography…’ a wall installation by Jane Boyer. Ruskin Gallery Basement Project Space, Cambridge. Project.