Dr Helen Loth

Course Leader and Senior Lecturer, MA Music Therapy

Music Therapy Centre Manager

Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR)

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:Cambridge School of Creative Industries

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Music therapy

Helen is course Leader for MA Music Therapy and manages the Music Therapy Centre, where she also has a clinical practice working with children and families.  She is a member of the Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR).

Email: helen.loth@anglia.ac.uk


After studying music at Dartington College of Arts, and at The Orff Institute in Salzburg, Helen  trained in music therapy at the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, London. This was followed by a clinical fellowship in music therapy at Temple University, Philadelphia.

Helen teaches music therapy theory and clinical skills, and manages the Music Therapy Centre. She has a special interest in multi-cultural improvisation and teaches Indonesian gamelan. Her clinical interests include music therapy in psychiatry and for people with eating disorders, and with young children with learning disabilities and their families. Her current research investigates the relevance of Indonesian gamelan music to music therapy practice.

Research interests

  • Cultural issues in music therapy
  • The use of non-western music in clinical practice
  • The relationship between music and words in music therapy practice
  • The use of Indonesian gamelan in health practices


  • PhD Music Therapy, Anglia Ruskin University
  • PG Certificate in Music Therapy, Roehampton University
  • PG Certificate in Counselling, University of Cambridge
  • BA (Hons) Music, Dartington College of Arts

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Advisory Council of the British Association for Music Therapy
  • Editorial Panel, British Journal of Music Therapy

Selected recent publications

Loth, H. (forthcoming 2017) ‘Cacophonies of discord, moments of harmony. Managing multiple needs in short-term music therapy with triplets and their mother’ in British Journal of Music Therapy, Vol.31, no.1. Sage Journals

Loth, H. 2016 ‘Transposing musical cultures in music therapy: exploring the use of Indonesian gamelan music in western clinical practice’ in D. Dokter, M. Hills de Zarate (eds.) Intercultural Arts Therapies Research. Routledge

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