Dr Gordon Bowen

Associate Professor

Faculty:Faculty of Business and Law


Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Business Administration , Business Management , Business, management and leadership , Human Resources Management , International Business , Marketing , Organisational Behaviour , Research methodology , Strategy

Research Supervision:Yes

Gordon's research interests include strategy, strategy formulation, social media and its influence on strategy and strategy formulation. He also has an interest in marketing, digital marketing, SMEs and CSR. Email Dr Gordon Bowen


Gordon has supervised and taught at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels across different universities. His doctoral supervision includes professional doctorates (DBA) and PhDs at several universities. To complement his supervisory activities he has co-edited 4 books and written several book chapters, conference papers and journal articles. Gordon has co-edited a best seller with the publisher IGI-Global.

Gordon has held senior positions in the telecommunications industry, including strategy development, business development and technical training and sales training. He has also advised SMEs on business matters. He has been recognised for his teaching skills with student-led nominations.

Research interests

  • Strategy
  • Strategic formulation process
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Leadership and management
  • SMEs
  • CSR
  • International strategy
  • Ethics and management/leadership

Areas of research supervision

  • Performance factors in sales management
  • Sustainability in environment projects
  • Performance management and strategy
  • Multichannel shopping on consumer behaviour
  • Compulsive buyer behaviour
  • Project management influence on organisational strategy
  • Influence of demographics on higher education promotional prospects
  • Glass ceiling on women's prospects in the baking industry
  • Service quality and luxury hotels
  • IFRS and Non-IFRS on investor decisions
  • M&A on the psychological contract
  • CSR on the banking industry
  • Acceptance of smartphones and value creation for SMEs
  • Corporate governance in commercial banks in Nigeria
  • Workplace performance on employee productivity and engagement
  • SME charities corporate governance structure
  • Socio impact of payday lending
  • Entrepreneurship in the agricultural industry
  • AI application in SME retailers
  • Social media in the SME restaurant environment
  • Legacy leadership in the tourism industry


All the modules have been taught at postgraduate and undergraduate

  • Strategy
  • HRM
  • Research methods
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Operations
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Digital marketing
  • Strategy and innovation
  • International HRM


  • Doctor Business Administration (DBA), Strategy, University of Hull
  • MBA, Financial Studies, Sheffield Hallam University
  • BSc, Physics and Computer Science, Aston University
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Science and Education, Birmingham University
  • Certificate in Corporate Finance, London Business School
  • Fellow in Higher Education (FHEA), Advance HE
  • Certificate in Assessment & Learning, University of London (UCL)
  • Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance (CDAF), ACCA
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Solid State Devices, CNAA

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Member of Editorial Board, GBATA
  • Member of Editorial Board for Landmark Journal of Management and Social Sciences, Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Nigeria
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Technology Management
  • Reviewer, European Academy Management Conference
  • Reviewer, Sustainability, MDPI
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Management and Business Economics
  • Reviewer, Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law
  • Reviewer, Educational Research Journal
  • Reviewer, European Conference on Information Systems
  • Reviewer, books proposals for Palgrave

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

  • Research for Instacart Startup in San Francisco - 'Characteristics of the Gig Economy' for Senior Vice Presidents at Instacart
  • International Examiner for PhDs at University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Selected recent publications

  • Bowen, G, & Bowen, D. 2017, Luxury product decision-making strategy: Leveraging social media to create the emotional component of strategy, In W. Ozuem & Y.Azemi ed. 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands, USA: IGI – Global, Ch. 12.
  • Bowen, G, & Bowen, D. 2017, Strategist: Role and Professionalism, In V. C. X. Wang ed. 2017 Strategic Leadership, USA: IAP, Ch. 1.
  • Bowen, G., and Bowen, D., 2017, Degree-awarding capability: The inflexion point for competitive advantage, Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, Vol.6, 3, 71 -86. ISSN: 2047-8747-8755– C (2*) ranking in Australia & South Africa
  • Bowen, G, Bowen, D & Bowen, R., 2019, Strategic opportunities: Leveraging decision making indicators, Australian & New Zealand Journal of European Studies, Vol.11, 1, 3-17. ISSN 1837-2147 (Print) & ISSN 1836-1803 (Online). Included in the current Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) listings.
  • Bowen, G., & Ozuem, W., & eds. 2019, Leveraging Computer-Mediated Marketing Environments USA: IGI-Global.
  • Nopnukulvised, C., Husamaldin, L., & Bowen, G., 2019, The Differences of Hedonic Shopping Value and Purchase Intention in the Multichannel Shopping Environment for Apparel Shopping, In W.Ozuem, and G. Bowen eds 2019, Leveraging Computer-Mediated Marketing Environments, USA: IGI-Global, Ch. 6.
  • Bowen, G. 2019, Internal Marketing in the Cybersecurity Environment, GBATA Twenty-First Annual International Conference, Paris.
  • Bowen, G., Bowen, D., & Bowen, R., 2019, Business environment: Tangible and intangible opportunities, Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, Vol. 8, 4. 
  • Bowen, G, & Sethi, A., 2020, Internal Marketing Cybersecurity – Conscious Culture, In Dadwal,S ed 2020 Handbook of Research on Innovations in Technology and Marketing for the Connected Consumer, USA: IGI-Global, Ch.7.
  • Jahankhani, H., O’Dell, L., Bowen, G., Hagan, D. & Jamal, A. eds. 2020, Strategy, Leadership and AI in the Cyber Ecosystem, The role of digital societies in information governance and decision making, USA: Elsevier, Academic Press.
  • Ozuem, W., & Bowen, G., (Guest Editors) 2020, Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics & Business Law, Vol.9 Special Issue.
  • Xu, J & Bowen, G., 2020, Online Brand Communities: Luxury Cosmetic Brands and Consumers’ Decisions, Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, Vol. 9, 127.
  • Bowen, G., Appiah, D., & Okafor, S., 2020, The Influence of Corporate of Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Media on the Strategy Formulation Process, Sustainability, 12, 6057; doi:10.3390/su12156057. Cite score 3.2 Scopus & Impact factor 2.576 – journal equivalent to 3*
  • Islam, Md N., Ozuem, W., Bowen, G., Willis, M., & Ng, R 2021, An empirical investigation and conceptual model perceptions, support, and barriers to marketing in social enterprises in Bangladesh, Sustainability, 12.
  • Bowen, G & Bowen, R. (2022). ’Social Engagement – NHS Digital’ case study, in Ozuem, W & Willis, M (eds), Digital Marketing Strategies for Value Co-creation , Models and Approaches for Online Brand Communities, Palgrave Macmillan, Springer Nature Switzerland, 75 -78.
  • Bowen, G & Bowen, D. (2022). ’Building Online Brand Communities - Gymshark’ case study, in Ozuem, W & Willis, M (eds), Digital Marketing Strategies for Value Co-creation , Models and Approaches for Online Brand Communities, Palgrave Macmillan, Springer Nature Switzerland, 126 -129.

Recent presentations and conferences

  • Panel member on the topic 'Brexit-Could UK economy survive? What is means to the EU' Eighteenth International Conference of the Global Business and Technology Association, Dubai, UAE
  • Session Chair at Eighteenth International Conference of the Global Business and Technology Association, Dubai, UAE
  • Speaker 'Innovation and strategic relationships in business', Opportunity Africa Network Conference, UK

Media experience

  • Interview for the BBC on railway network performance