Christopher Jayawardena

Lecturer Practitioner, Child Nursing

Faculty:Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Nursing and Midwifery

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Nursing and midwifery

Christopher is a Paediatric Critical Care nurse who has treated children in London and Essex.


Christopher has enjoyed working in a Critical Care setting where attention to detail plays a key role in patient care. Patients can at times require assistance with all 12 activities of daily living which requires input from a wide range of professionals.

Christopher took the skills he learnt and used them in the community where he worked as a Complex Care Nurse Manager. As a nurse manager Christopher spent most of his time teaching field based carers how to perform tasks such as; tracheostomy tie changes, PEG/J feeding and non invasive ventilation care.  

Research interests

  • Ventilator Associated Pneamonia 
  • Transition of care for young people with long term medical conditions

Healthcare has come a long way in treating conditions which before had a short life expectancy. Now more children with complex care and long term medical conditions enter adult services. Although the adult sector is capable of taking over care, the debate about the transition process is still an interesting topic and an issue which has yet to be resolved. 


  • Tracheostomy Training
  • Enteral Feeding Training (PEG/J)
  • Non Invasive Ventilation  Training
  • Infection Control Training


BSc Child Nursing

Memberships, editorial boards


Selected recent publications

Hill, C., 2016. Nurse-led implementation of a ventilator-associated pneumonia care bundle in a children’s critical care unit. Nursing Children and Young People, 28(4), pp. 23-27.