Caroline Estrella

PhD Researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

School:Psychology and Sport Science

Location: Cambridge

@CEstrellaHV - Twitter

Research interests

Thesis title:

Do dads get sad too? A qualitative exploration of male postnatal depression through fathers, partners, and health visitors.

Supervisory Team

Prof Viren Swami

Dr John Lambie

Dr Craig Owen

Research Group

Caroline is a member of our Empowerment and Social Justice Research Area, that forms part of our ARU Centre for Societies and Groups.

Summary of Research

There is a growing body of evidence around paternal perinatal mental health, but qualitative research around paternal postnatal depression specifically is limited. This VC PhD scholarship-supported research programme aims to explore how fathers experience postnatal depression, the impact on their relationships, and fatherhood experiences. It further seeks to understand their help-seeking behaviours for paternal PND. This PhD aims to produce that knowledge by interviewing fathers and their partners about their experiences. Furthermore, given that paternal postnatal depression is currently not recognised as a condition from which many men may suffer, there are no current care guidelines for dads with PND. An exploration of health visitor attitudes and experiences will also offer an insight into the limitations in current care provision.

Recent presentations and conferences

'Let’s Talk Dads' September 2021, Sheffield Hallam University [remote] ‘Paternal Postnatal Depression’ presentation delivered.