Questions frequently asked by applicants

Below is the list of questions that we get asked most often.

What's involved?
Who can apply?
Can i apply for more than one project at a time?
How many trips can I go on during my time at Anglia Ruskin?
What if I can't decide which project to apply for?
How do I apply?
What if my application isn't successful?
What happens if I get accepted then change my mind?
How much does it cost and what's included?
How do I pay?
What if I can't afford it?
Can I fundraise to help pay for my trip?
Can I fundraise for the charity I'm going to?
What fundraising support will I receive?
Will we get to do any sightseeing?
How much free time will there be?
Is it really hard work?
Do I need to get travel insurance?
Can I have a team t-shirt?
How much time do I need to commit before I go?
Can I do some independent travel after the volunteering part?
What support will I receive when I'm out there?
What training will I receive?
How will this project increase my employability?
Do I need a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), formerly a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), check?
Isn't air travel bad for the environment?
Tell me about special volunteer roles
What qualities are you looking for in volunteers?